iOS 8.0 my thoughts after after a day

So I’ve been quiet here the last few days. With good reason :-) stay tuned.

If you’ve been following along I’ve been on the Chicago area working on getting some leaked hardware and more information on things we could see in just 2 weeks. Yes 2 weeks….

Now while traveling iOS 8 has become available. Of course I took the download and installed the latest.

So far the widgets are an improvement. I like the stock keyboard, (I’ll like this more on a 5.5 inch screen)

The continuity feature is awesome. Though I don’t see myself using a lot of wifi. When I do the feature will be great. The SMS on an iPad and or the option to take calls is really a feature I’m looking forward to.

I’ll be posting a video tomorrow on my thoughts for both the iPad and the iPhone.


moto x clear

Moto Maker launches AT&T exclusive today

As we stated in the past, AT&T would get moto maker first, And well, that is exactly what happened. It looks like AT&T will get Moto Maker EXCLUSIVELY. We have been told recently this will only be for 3 days.

After talking with our sources again, It could be the same three days before verizon gets access to Moto Maker or according to sources it could be longer.

DEVELOPING.August 31, 2014 102851 PM CDT


Could HTC be building a Nexus? Leaked cases seem say yes

Look I’ve been taking the HTC rumor mill on a nexus phone with a grain of salt. But not after today, source material has been literally flying in.

In the images below we see a case seller selling cases for the Nexus 6 aka Nexus x or are there both a Nexus 6 and Nexus X. I know it’s confusing.

Anyway back on point look at the images in the case. Clearly a massive phone with 7 icons in the drawer like a xperia Z Ultra.
The camera has the HTC Style and the front speakers scream boom sound to me.

What do you think. I’ve attached the images below.
Courtesy of carter71610 via twitter

The case is currently for sale as well.
This all should be interesting as Google could drop a nexus device any day. Though our sources say between October 7 thru the 9th other say literally any day. We will see and I will keep you posted




Nexus device(s) coming October 7, 8, or 9th?

October 7 8 or 9 looks to be the time frame for some type of nexus launch

What are we getting? Well a nexus tablet is a pretty safe bet. But sources state there may be phones as well. Yes I said phones plural.
Sources late last week said even HTC could also be working on a Nexus Phone, that puts the rumors at a HTC, LG, and Motorola nexus launch.

Now the LG could just be a bigger memory Nexus 5. Nothing new there. The Motorola could be the Shamu which we’ve heard about and got some leaked benchmarks on.
And then you have the HTC which is totally out of left field. I want to make this clear that we haven’t been able to confirm the leak aka rumor and have been working very hard to do so. But it’s no secret that HTC put of the first 64 bit android phone earlier this month.

This really has me wondering if the supposed Motorola nexus devices are really just android silver devices and the HTC is the actual nexus.

I say that because we heard rumors and got some solid info on a htc one max successor, at 5.9 inches it would fit that model. Again this is speculation on my part, but it would be quite the okie doke if HTC and Google did just that.

With leaked court documents all but confirming the Nexus 9 from HTC it will be interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks. Will we get an HTC nexus phone? Will google drop multiple nexus devices? That would be awesome we will have to wait and see.

Lastly the last piece of info we were able to obtain talks about the end of GPE (Google play edition) devices. Maybe this is why they have been dropping out of the playstore and Google is making a push to make it all Nexus or Android Silver or both.

Stay tuned as we will update as more info becomes available.
An HTC Nexus phone would be pretty exciting. What do you think?



Sprint Scraps Spark in all but 5 cities

Sprint is pulling back on plans to upgrade its network across the U.S. using its massive amount of 2.5 gigahertz spectrum, a move that will lower capital spending but raises strategic and marketing questions, analysts say. (WSJ)

Sprint unveiled new plans for new subscribers that upgrade to theĀ Apple. iPhone for life and iPhone unlimited $50, which could be a reason it’s looking to both trim spending and to beef up its network in up to five markets.
Their strategy, is to scale back their 2.5 GHz deployment to just three to five cities, providing what they describe as a ‘Tokyo-like’ experience in those markets,” In the rest of the country, they plan to be positioned as ‘best value.’ You can see that with its $50 offering and its best deal in data plans. That marks a rather radical departure from Sprint’s and SoftBank’s previously stated strategy of building the ‘best network’ on a broad scale.
We’re guessing it was just to expensive for even Softbank to pull off.
And it presents a perhaps insurmountable, challenge for marketing. How can Sprint create a brand that stands for one thing in just a few markets (best network yada yada) and something else entirely (best value severely degraded) in the rest.”

On the stock front investors like the move.
Colby Synesael, a Cowen & Co., upgraded Sprint stock to outperform on Friday.

Sprint’s renewed focus is on removing costs, That means layoffs are coming and the company will be more surgical with its 2.5 GHz build-out than what had previously been expected by focusing on a handful of markets where it can demonstrate its differentiation, but also importantly will help limit spending.

Sprint’s decision to pursue a smaller 2.5 GHz deployment in just three to five key markets raises questions over its strategy and ability to offer unlimited data plans for smartphone users, as well as ever catching AT&T or Verizon.
Sprint’s new chief executive officer, Marcelo Claure, disclosed Sprint’s shift in plans when he met with Wall Street analysts on Thursday after presenting at a Goldman Sachs conference.

What are you thoughts on the move by Sprint?


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