iPhone craziness, cult or just a good time?

In this video I posted below you can see what I saw as the doors opened at the Apple Store.
I have seen excitement for the phone in the past but I’ve never seen this. Is this an isolated incident, or is this a thing. What I mean to ask is, is this a cult type of atmosphere? You don’t ever see anything like this for a Samsung launch. What is it that drives people into this type of hysteria for a phone? Id love to hear your thoughts.



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iPhone 6 and 6 plus drop test (UPDATE)

Phonebuff and Android Authority did a drop test on both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus the video is in the link below.
Let us know what you think about the iPhone and how it handled this drop test.

And in this one below the guys from android authority do a drop test in Hong Kong that may surprise you after watching the first one.

Let us know your thoughts

iOS 8.0 my thoughts after after a day

So I’ve been quiet here the last few days. With good reason :-) stay tuned.

If you’ve been following along I’ve been on the Chicago area working on getting some leaked hardware and more information on things we could see in just 2 weeks. Yes 2 weeks….

Now while traveling iOS 8 has become available. Of course I took the download and installed the latest.

So far the widgets are an improvement. I like the stock keyboard, (I’ll like this more on a 5.5 inch screen)

The continuity feature is awesome. Though I don’t see myself using a lot of wifi. When I do the feature will be great. The SMS on an iPad and or the option to take calls is really a feature I’m looking forward to.

I’ll be posting a video tomorrow on my thoughts for both the iPad and the iPhone.


moto x clear

Moto Maker launches AT&T exclusive today

As we stated in the past, AT&T would get moto maker first, And well, that is exactly what happened. It looks like AT&T will get Moto Maker EXCLUSIVELY. We have been told recently this will only be for 3 days.

After talking with our sources again, It could be the same three days before verizon gets access to Moto Maker or according to sources it could be longer.

DEVELOPING.August 31, 2014 102851 PM CDT

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