LG G Flex 2 goes live at CES first snapdragon 810

The LG G Flex 2 has been announced here at CES 2015, and first of all I have to say I’m excited. The original G Flex was one of my favorite smart phones. Now LG has brought the display down a bit in size to 5.5 inches. No 2K (thank you LG) 1080p full HD OLED display. And yes it does bend.

From first looks the ghosting issue we saw on the 2013 model is gone here. Battery life should be much better than the G3 thanks to LG staying with a 1080 display panel.

Just because that display is 1080p doesn’t mean its not beautiful, because it is. 400+ pixels per inch.

Upgraded camera with some of the same features we saw on the LG G3.

The star of the show here is the Snapdragon 810. Lg is now first to launch a snapdragon 810 device. Along with android 5.0.1 lollipop on board.

Stay tuned to our partner YouTube feed for benchmarks and more coming today or tomorrow.



Screenshot of Windows 10 for mobile device


First look at the new windows 10 for mobile

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As of September, it is quite clear about the direction that Microsoft is aiming for all of its Windows products, and that is to unify all platforms to ONE OS, Windows 10. The commitment is at its critical level, so much so that the name Windows Phone is D.O.A for Windows 10 on the mobile platform. So, the question now is what will Windows 10 for smartphones would look like? Well,Windows Phone Italy got the answer for you.

Now, to be clear, while Windows 10 for desktop is currently in Beta, there is no sign of a Beta for Windows (Phone) 10, so these probably are a leak alpha version.

The pictures showed a few things. One, Microsoft appears to take out the float Start background that covered just the tiles, and just makes the picture cover the whole screen, with transparent tiles, the background will also be appearing in the…

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