Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro Phone edition Unboxing and INFO

Getting ready to board my flight to come back home, And wanted to share this last video I was able to shoot before coming here to Taiwan, So now that you know what I’ve been driving these last few days I can say this “Phone” is amazing, The display is great, and for me someone that has big hands its not a burden to hold. Now putting it in my pocket is a whole other question.

Overall I got great service using T-Mobile and the international data on this version of the Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro.

This device is slated to become a T-Mobile carrier device later this year late August early September, Stay tuned as we have a little brother to this device we will unbox and review Monday once I am back stateside.

Enjoy, Leave a comment here or on youtube and any questions you may have about this device.

If you love big devices with the best display you can get, This is it.