Did Samsung Just leak a massive phone?

Samsung has been doing well as of late. They have been selling the Galaxy Note 4 like crazy. And now we get this image sent in. (NOT CONFIRMED) the following image is not confirmed but doesn’t look like it’s been tampered with. We see what (looks) like a galaxy note 4 edge but bigger.
My first thoughts were it’s proximity to the camera but trying to duplicate it I was unsuccessful.  So what are your thoughts. Bigger note edge or not?


Could Motorola’s new mid range phone be the Moto S?

Awhile back we posted the screen film of a Motorola device called the moto s.

We saw the moto g, droid turbo, moto x, and now nexus 6, were still waiting on a few devices like the moto play aka droid turbo gsm version. Some have called this the moto maxx.

Now we know motorola is releasing another device very soon. Is this the moto s, or will it be the x play or another device entirely.
Stay tuned we are working on getting renders and maybe even hardware in hand before the official release.

The moto s is coming, just when……

Microsoft has something up their sleeve’s (one more thing)


Microsoft is set to release the first Microsoft Lumia branded device.
Sources state that Microsoft may also have a special appearance by another device as well but not an official launch. More like a teaser of what’s to come. 3 out of the 4 sources that sent us the info said it will have something to do with a Lumia 1020 replacement.
We are contacting other sources to try to confirm this as well. Don’t be shocked if Microsoft drops a few bombshells at this event. And if they do. We told you so.

Sony already working on Xperia Z4 with QHD display

Sony has been stepping up there display game in the last few handhelds released by the company.
Sony is reportedly already in testing with some Z4 xperia prototypes with a QHD Display.
There is variants in testing at the moment with two different processors. We know one to be the Snapdragon 805 but have no confirmation on the second.

Some other differences that can be expected on the next iteration of the Xperia line is a bigger display. Info we have received has been conflicting. With half the sources claiming a 5.5 inch display and the other half claiming a 5.3 inch display.
We also have received some credible info on a new Xperia Z Ultra variant.

Stay tuned as we will be posting more on this device as it becomes available to us.