Activity Zone APK now available for S5 and some other android phones




That’s right TK broke down a lot of the APK (APPS) on the Galaxy S5 Active in our teardown going live soon, Here on the site.

Activity Zone makes use of your Barometer, compass, and several other features on the Galaxy S5 Active.

While other devices may not be compatible and have a few features not working you can install the app at the link below.

Play around with app and let us know what you think about Samsungs newest feature.




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Samsung Galaxy S5 Active goes on sale on craigslist?

S5 Active


No not on eBay, Not on Amazon, Craigslist, Thats right the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active has been posted on craigslist for prices ranging from $550 to $1100 and the device still hasnt been announced yet.

We put this on twitter a couple hours ago, found one for as low as $550.00

I’m starting to wonder if all the access to this phone was done on purpose by samsung?


What do you think.

Link to the phone for sale below, We will post if we find any others here.



buy AT&T Galaxy S5 Active for 550 USD on

TK TECH Daily (S5 Active, Sprint, & more)

In this TK Tech Daily, TK talks Galaxy S5 Active, Sprint, and more.

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Galaxy S5 Winner is…..

Congratulations to Daniel Tung for winning our Galaxy S5 contest.  Our winner was selected by commenting on S5 videos on our channel on youtube and by commenting on a video at cellunlockernet aka

This giveaway would not have been possible without so thanks to them for giving us the ability to do this.

We have two more Galaxy S5 to give away, Stay tuned this week as they will be given away at the same time.

Thank to everyone who participated and for everyone that continues to help our channel grow.



HTC One M8 Harman Kardon Unboxing (Sprint Challenge)

I’ve been very hard on sprint with their network among other things.  Sprint PR reached out and asked WHY I though their network was so bad.

And I explained I used their network 5 months ago and it was horrible in the Jacksonville, Florida area when I was there for treatment at the Mayo Clinic.

After 30 days we went with T-Mobile. We’ve done multiple speed tests showing all the networks at once before, and we are about to do that again.

Sprint stated that with them updating the network in that area I didn’t give them a fair shake, I’ll consider that, So they sent us this Harman Kardon HTC One M8 that has spark enabled here where we are located.

So enjoy this unboxing. And stay tuned as we have a full Sprint challenge coming soon.


This video was shot with the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active.



Samsung Galaxy S5 Active IP68 Rating? Waterproof not Water resistant?

So the question has been asked, Why build a Galaxy S5 Active?  With its sibling the Galaxy S5 already having a IP67 rating against dust and water.

Well it looks like we have an answer to that question.  After my flight back from Chicago I decided to take a dip in the pool, All 8 Feet of it. I knew there was a risk of breaking the device, But water damage if handled right away can be repaired. So I went for it.

Well After over an hour and a half at 7.8 Feet (8 Feet) the phone survived, When peeling the back off no water was able to pass through the seal. To say I was surprised was an understatement.

So now I have my answer, There is a reason Samsung Built this phone, While during the S5 release they kept saying WATER RESISTANT. I have a feeling they will say this one is waterproof.

(Update) After speaking with our source at samsung the device will be rated and debut with a IP68 Rating.

Active 2

Stay tuned for our video on the water test and a head to head with the S5 and other devices coming very soon.



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