SoftBank USA to offer lowest plan in history to stop regulators from opposing merger UPDATE

Inside sources state the combined company of Sprint and TMobile SoftBank USA, would keep the sprint framily structure but would start with a $60 flat taxes and fees included plan offering unlimited talk unlimited text unlimited data (no caps) and 5gb hotspot. Also includes international data roaming and free texts in over 100 countries.
Sorry guys things are crazy here at Madison Square Garden but I just got this email and wanted to get this out.
I’ll revise the story when I get back to the hotel tonight.
Under the framily structure with 8 or more in your framily it will be as low as $25 unlimited not the current 1gb.
Truly amazing for customers. More coming soon.

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It’s been a few crazy hours here in NYC. For those that don’t know my day job happens to be in the NHL So you can imagine with the Stanley Cup going on things have been crazy. That doesn’t mean I will neglect TK Tech News. So I’ve left the above post as I wrote it from Madison Square Garden.

Ok so let’s get into some clarification.
On twitter I stated you would need 10 in a framily for the lowest discount. That number is actually 8 and can have up to 10 as it is now.
At 8 the plan would drop to $25 for totally unlimited.

Also concerning the name. And I quote “If we see opposition to the name change of SoftBank USA , the company is prepared to move forward as Sprint in magenta coloring”
Also quote “The board feels if needed the sprint name being an American born company would be easier to keep its namesake then the German counterpart”
Also quote “If this acquisition goes through SoftBank USA will introduce the lowest cost plans the industry has ever seen”

As far as financials go, it looks like the 32 billion number the WSJ reported is correct with 4 billion in cash to DT outside of a buyout. Brining that number to 36 billion. On paper 32.

As for the prepaid siblings. And I asked about MVNO carriers.
Current MVNO partners contracts would be honored, but networks may have to change.
Boost virgin and metro pcs would still be rolled into the parent company as the entire structure would be no contract, and no more 2yr agreements, either full retail for a device or finance the device over a term.
Most of the tmobile branding and plans such as jump would stay with the name changing.

The biggest news is that SoftBank is prepared to have sprint scrap it’s CDMA network completely.
Being sprint was about to launch VOLTE this shouldn’t be that big an issue.
The biggest things that is discussed from our source is the increased coverage. While sprint and tmobiles maps look similar, sprint has several roaming agreements, and quote “the combined company would aggressively acquire more roaming agreements to fill in coverage gaps and a serious several billion dollar investment into land purchases and tower advancement”

I have a lot more to read through what I was given this evening. But that’s about the gist of what I reported on during the game.
Thanks to everyone having patience with me during the Stanley Cup.
If all goes well and LA wins game four I can retire and devote my full attention and resources to TK Tech News.

I’ll go over the rest of what we have here and if there is anything relevant I will update via here and twitter.


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Galaxy Tab 8.4 Pro T-Mobile Edition overview

Galaxy Tab 8.4 T-Mobile edition thoughts and overview.
T-Mobile is slated to release this device later this summer to compete with AT&T and their PadPhone X from ASUS. Is this phone too big? Let us know what you think in the comments below.
TK Will be back with more on this tablet after the Stanley Cup Finals


Hello Softbank USA, Sprint T-Mobile merger agreed to in principle (Prepaid Brands also gone)

softbank usa

Softbank has agreed in principle to purchase T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom. The combined company would be called Softbank USA says source.

The Source is extremely reliable and is know for buying into companies before mergers or sales.

The merger would also mean the end of brands Boost Mobile, Metro PCS, and Virgin Mobile USA, Both Boost and Virgin are owned by Sprint and Metro PCS by T-Mobile USA.

The combined company would put Softbank USA 1.3 million customers behind the number 2 carrier AT&T.

This would surely make AT&T and Verizon rethink their tiered data plan structures and could be good for all wireless customers.

Who would of thought it would take a Japanese company to come in an regulate on AT&T and Verizon. Pricing plans would continue to be lower than the current T-Mobile model under the sprint Framily Structure. starting at 75 for everything unlimited and going down to 45 after 7 or more people join the Framily.

This would break AT&T and Verizon as far as pricing goes and the combined networks and spectrum would make Softbank USA a power house.

Also disclosed is Dan Hesse current CEO of Sprint  stepping down to take a position on the Board of Directors, paving the way for T-Mobile CEO John Leger to stay in his role.

AT&T must really be kicking themselves in the ass for kicking John out of that party at CES.  Can you imagine how hard he will come at the other two now with this type of funding behind him.

Big things are afoot in the US Wireless industry, The next week should be very interesting.

On an investment note, The buyout would close at $36.00 a share, Very close to the $32.00 quoted by the wall street journal earlier this week.

Stay tuned as this story develops


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Windows phone growth nunbers are out & things look good

Windows phone numbers for growth are out, And despite everything things are definitely looking good for the company and the OS, What do you think about windows phone and will it be on par with Android or iOS anytime soon?
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