According to new info next version of Android called lemon meringue pie 5.0

According to our latest Leak and info we published earlier today.

The next version of android will be called… lemon meringue pie

Android 5.0

Both are set to launch with the Nexus X on September 17th.

See the video below for details. Let me know what your thoughts are on this latest leak below.


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12 thoughts on “According to new info next version of Android called lemon meringue pie 5.0”

  1. The link trail says “LG D821 Nexus 5 – 16GB (Black)”.

    Unless this was just listed under the Neuxs 5, but this seems like a hoax.

      1. Very interesting. So you’d say you’re pretty confident with this info being correct?

        What has happened to that 5.9″ phone? Not happening?

      2. Stay tuned. The 5.9 phone is happening. As I stated I had to up my moto device amount. I’ll be releasing another device tonight. That WILL launch in just 4 days on big red. That I also got here. When that happens I’ll release the moto s and a few other interesting things I found here.
        Once the device from the 28th is confirmed. There will be no question at that point

  2. Usually Google puts their current model on a deep discount a few months before coming out with a new device. I would have expected them to do so with the Nexus 5 if a new model is expected within the next three weeks, no?

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