Another image of the shamu reportedly leaks

Another image supposedly of the moto shamu aka nexus x aka Moto s leaked earlier this evening.

After checking with sources and with the publications publishing the Moto logo up in the corner (not good for the Moto employee, most likely will cost them their job) a source was able to confirm the image is that of a Moto X developer handset, something interesting we were able to find out was that Motorola has been toying with the idea of a Google play edition Moto X.

Could this image be the shamu, yes it could, but according to our source they state the moto logo tracks back to a Google play Moto x that was on testing.

I will follow up with our sources on the Google play angle as we were earlier told that it was being killed off for android silver.
Maybe with android silver being on hold GPE is coming back.

Let us know your thoughts.


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10 thoughts on “Another image of the shamu reportedly leaks”

  1. All I want is an AOSP nexus on Verizon. Do you think VoLTE will make it happen this year? If the one of the next nexus devices is shamu, I hope the leaks of it running on Verizon are right.

  2. I really think Moto has this one right. I knew this wasn’t a nexus but I did know that this was a direct apponent of the note 4. If a stylus is included…….The note4 would be the joke 4.
    no Samsung anything just Google and a pen. Let it scribe

  3. In my view the probability of a Nexus phone and a Nexus Phablet is high. That said…maybe we will see two different OEMs making both devices. My preference is for HTC making a 5.2″ Nexus 6(X) and Motorola making the 5.9″ Nexus Phablet. Boy I wish such a scenario plays out.

    Wondering what became of the case of a HTC Nexus phone seen on Aliexpress? Was it real or fake? Surprised we didn’t hear more about it and no other site picked up on it? Is there some kind of embargo preventing those who know anything from talking? Or are some of these rumors purposely done to lead us to think a certain OEM while the real deal will surprise us when the device is announced.
    Considering we were lead to believe Android 4.0 Kikat was Keylime pie…..same might be happening here with the true nature of the Nexus devices.

  4. Why is everyone overlooking HTC as the real Nexus 6 OEM???? I am not….there is something fishy abt this Motorola as OEM of the Nexus phone narrative or rumors. A Moto Phablet Nexus yes maybe, but I haven’t seen anything that really pins Motorola as maker of the Nexus phone with a 5.2″ screen. Before all the recent Motorola rumors that doesn’t gel properly…it was HTC as Nexus 6 OEM. Someone deliberately pushed the Motorola rumors to throw everyone off. I say this cuz that whale of a Moto Shamu device ain’t no Nexus phone..I truly believe that.

  5. There are so many rumours, leaks and misdirectons going on right now, I can’t help but feel the next Google phone is due soon. Like, really soon. At this point, it would not surprise me one bit to see LG drop the Nexus X (5.2″), but I’m hoping for Moto or HTC. The HTC pics disappeared from Ali and the tech sites that posted about it. Usually, that would be an indicator that the Big G put the hush on that, but could it instead be a red herring? After all, Google is known for keeping things well under wraps and putting out enough red herrings to make a ton of lox.

    Dear Google,
    STAHP! I want my phone and I want it now!

    I’m with others in thinking there will be both a 5.2″ and 5.9″-ish devices from Google, in addition to the tablet. Another thing that wouldn’t surprise me would be a watch, but then so many are ironing out issues with theirs and I wouldn’t expect Google to drop a device that wasn’t flawless or close to it.

    Impatiently yours,

    1. Agreed…someone is putting out a lotta bull out there to throw us off. I am waiting to be surprised and impressed by my new Nexus. I hope HTC is the chosen one (if true, those cases were taken off the Aliexpress site by orders from Google…someone almost let the cat out the bag b4 the big party). But the way things are progressing it could be any of our top Android OEMs…Motorola with the new Moto X as template, LG w/the G3 as template, Sony w/the Z3 as template, will even include Sammy w/the Galaxy Alpha as template.

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