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(Exclusive) Moto Luge images specs and price for Verizon

Thanks again to all our great sources.
Today we get images, specs and more details on the Moto Luge 4G LTE
This is the device we found while digging for more info on the nexus x.

Anyway enough of me blabbing. Here is the specs and images.

720p front facing camera
1080p 8mp rear camera with flash and touch to focus
8gb internal, up to 32gb SD card
Dual core Qualcomm msm8960 1.5ghz
4g LTE
Bluetooth 4.0
Gorilla Glass 4.3″ screen
1 GB ram
Android 4.4 kit Kat
Moto Skip
Moto Aware
Non removable 2000 man battery
Internet special for $149.99 on Aug 28th.

If the device look familiar it is. The device takes after the Droid Ultra and Moto Razr M as you can see in the pics.



Let us know what you think….
One moto device down and confirmed more to come….. Stay tuned for more nexus X coverage as well

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Another image from Antutu sent in Nexus X

Another image has come in via tip. Take it for what its worth. We’ve requested more images from the source such as scores and storage info stay tuned.

This is the first antutu screen shot I’ve seen with Nexus X.
Is it real? We have no way to know. Again this was sent in and we are posting it with that disclaimer.

Specs match up.
Stay tuned I’ll update the post as it develops



Moto Aware? A new service on Moto Devices?

Thanks to  on twitter, He caught my slip, I forgot to mention a new service or feature called Moto Aware, I have no idea what it is or what it does, And my motorola sources are scared to death I even knew what it was called (Thanks BestBuy).

Anyway this may be a new listening service similar to google now? I dont know yet, But I am pressing sources for more information. I thought it was of note being its mentioned on both the Nexus X and the Moto Luge?

What do you think?

August 24, 2014 95344 PM CDT

Verizon Set to Launch the MOTOROLA Luge LTE on AUGUST 28th and Nexus X info

Earlier title said September I have corrected the error



So earlier today we posted information on the Nexus X.

People called into question this information and said it must be fake  etc.
So when that happens I contact other sources, And low and behold our Motorola Source stated not only is it legit but Moto Execs are uneasy that their big secret may get out…. Hehehehe.

But I digress, After speaking with our best buy source, They were able to confirm the info on another device we didnt have a name for but KNEW was launching on the 28th of August.

Thanks to our BestBuy source, We were able to CONFIRM the nexus info (more on that later) and get the name for this new moto device we were told about.

Motorola and Verizon Wireless are launching the Motorola Luge OR Moto Luge on August 28th and will be the first big screen of the moto devices “Specifically marketed to Verizon Prepaid Customers”

Now  our source did provide screen shots, Which will be below.  Also we find out that not only is this a BIG SCREEN but LTE is on board for the new LTE Prepaid plans from Verizon. We could not confirm the size of the screen but are working on it, And the device launches in Three days anyway.

This info should be able to confirm the other info our Best Buy source gave us on the Nexus X aka Nexus 6, Our BestBuy and Moto source say NEXUS X is a internal name but “Most Likely” will be the name at launch. The New nexus device is said to launch with no special event, Just a quiet launch and a twitter announcement sometime before Halloween.

Could I be wrong on this. Yes… But I doubt it. Too many sources at too many outlets are confirming the same things.

So there you have it, We will know in just a few days if these moto leaks are right.

And I have no problem eating crow if I am wrong, But I’m not a fan of eating crow so I usually check my info before I release it, (Even though some think I don’t)

Stay Tuned More coming.

August 24, 2014 95344 PM CDT



IMAGE ABOVE IS A PLACEHOLDER, Not the actual device…….

Oh and just to keep things fun… Heres a poll

If you think I am right or wrong, Vote below, I think Ill do this everytime moving forward so there is a record

HMMM looks like polls are down, Ill update it stay tuned



According to new info next version of Android called lemon meringue pie 5.0

According to our latest Leak and info we published earlier today.

The next version of android will be called… lemon meringue pie

Android 5.0

Both are set to launch with the Nexus X on September 17th.

See the video below for details. Let me know what your thoughts are on this latest leak below.


UPDATE ***New Nexus Device from Motorola to be called the NEXUS X! XT1100 ****UPDATE!!!!


UPDATE!! Below BEST BUY Confirmation & Another device found!!

August 24, 2014 100116 PM CDT



August 24, 2014 52618 PM CDT

According to this latest info

We now know the name of the Next Nexus device

Introducing the Nexus X by Motorola.

Now because its unclear in the Image its either a 6.3 Inch display or a 5.3 Inch display 2K resolution, Snapdragon 805 clocked at 2.7GHZ a 13.1 MP camera with OIS

Model Number XT1100

And we also learn the name of Android New OS

Android Lemon Meringue Pie 5.0

Pricing looks to be about 419.99 Euro

What do you think about this Nexus Device? And do you think its 5.3 or 6.3 inches? There were rumors of a 6.3 inch device awhile back.

Let us know in the comments.



People have stated that this site has published FNAC has published bad postings of devices before…. Just putting this here for full disclosure.



And for those thinking photoshop

Forensics says different


More info has been sent in via a known tipster via best buy and CONFIRMED via our verizon source.

In the images below sent to us by a Source at Best Buy

We can see the unlisted page and listing of the XT1100

And that the device is listed for Sprint

Further Source code from the page was pulled and in the middle you can see it mentioned in the source code again.

While the other images we got earlier today may have been suspect, These are not. This has been verified with a moto source for the model number.  A Sprint source, and now a BestBuy source.

There you have it, Decide for yourself, That is what this site it all about.  We will post more info on this post as it becomes available. Also new moto device just leaked going into next post!!!

August 24, 2014 100116 PM CDT





August 24, 2014 93414 PM CDT

Images Above show a unlisted BestBuy Page

Image below shows the full text from same page

August 24, 2014 91558 PM CDT