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Square giving away cash for a free app?!?

Remember that merchant processor square. The cool thing you pluged into your headphone Jack to run credit cards?
Well they’ve launched a new product. And one that takes aim squarely (pun intended) at PayPal.

Square Cash allows you to basically send cash via email instantly to anyone.

No gimmicks no fees just send an email with how much you want to send and you get it instantly no waiting.
Its very rare you hear me talk about a service or company but this is official and the fastest way I’ve ever paid someone for anything.

And if you have seen our YouTube video on the app. For a limited time using the link below. You get a dollar for free no strings. Square says they do it to show you how easy it really is.

So check out the link below and get your free dollar, and let us know here and on the video via YouTube if it worked for you.
And hope the tip helps you out.


Free $1

Check out “TK Tech News” App

Today our new application went live on Google play.
What’s the big deal?  Through this app we will have some of the biggest leaks of the year pushed through the app in the exclusive leaks section.

Also with the app you get the news first. Coming soon (within a week) is a option you can enable or disable that will send a push message whenever we post a exclusive leak!

Exclusive hands on’s and more.

And the best part…. One of our lucky installers will win a OnePlus One 64gb sandstone black.
Contest is open till the app has 10,000 installs or could be closed at anytime by TK.
Link to the app above.
Rules……(I know rules suck)….
Must have the app installed, must be subscribed via YouTube.
We will contact the winner in app via push message using Airbop built in messaging.
That’s it! Its so simple.

Exclusive leaks coming very soon.
Samsung and Motorola through the app only! Then to the rest of the world days later.
And the TBS (That’s Bullshit) and Podcasts are being added in app!

Stay tuned also for our OnePlus One review coming soon.

iPhone 6 actual sapphire display leaked hands on

Thanks to MKBHD and Sonny Dickson we see the iPhone 6 sapphire display.
See the video below and let us know what you think.
After watching MKBHD put a knife and keys to it, I’m interested to see how this would hold up to a TechSmartt test.

Let us know what you think. Would a display that won’t break sway you? In my particular case it might.


Credit @mkbhd


Sprint Bends customers over…. again. Welcome to tiered data plans

Yup. I said it… Somone break out TAPS. Sprint if they go forward with the plans on the west coast they are testing are DEAD, Bankrupt, finished, over, I can go on and on. I really thought this was bullshit when we were tipped on this. But official internal documents show its legit……

So what’s the deal. See the images below for the proposed data plans that Sprint is testing right now in Portland Oregon, Las Vegas, and a few other west coast cities.

If you are a Sprint customer how do you feel about this? Let me know in the comments.
And I give you my full thoughts in the video attached.

But for now I guess we need to buy a plot because sprints about to get buried.