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iPhone 6 actual sapphire display leaked hands on

Thanks to MKBHD and Sonny Dickson we see the iPhone 6 sapphire display.
See the video below and let us know what you think.
After watching MKBHD put a knife and keys to it, I’m interested to see how this would hold up to a TechSmartt test.

Let us know what you think. Would a display that won’t break sway you? In my particular case it might.


Credit @mkbhd


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Sprint Bends customers over…. again. Welcome to tiered data plans

Yup. I said it… Somone break out TAPS. Sprint if they go forward with the plans on the west coast they are testing are DEAD, Bankrupt, finished, over, I can go on and on. I really thought this was bullshit when we were tipped on this. But official internal documents show its legit……

So what’s the deal. See the images below for the proposed data plans that Sprint is testing right now in Portland Oregon, Las Vegas, and a few other west coast cities.

If you are a Sprint customer how do you feel about this? Let me know in the comments.
And I give you my full thoughts in the video attached.

But for now I guess we need to buy a plot because sprints about to get buried.


We’re looking for a editor of leaks

Just as the title says. We are looking for an editor of leaks. TK while now getting so much information in on a daily basis has no time to verify the information as it comes in.
We’ve had people spoof e-mail addresses, even send a fake device, not to mention companies trying to mislead you with false info.
So we’re hiring for an editor of leaks. It will be this person’s responsibility to work with other industry insiders and sources we already have to verify this information as it comes in.

With all the information from Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and now Microsoft we have coming in we will need one or even two people to stay on top of it all.

We also are announcing our move to New York City and Boston where we will have two official offices.

If you think you have what it takes. Contact us at [email protected] we will then get a resume and get you interviewed.

Managing Editor

BEATS Urbeats vs HARMAN KARDON earbuds vs SAMSUNG (4K Edition)

In this video review we compare the Beats URBEATS earbuds VS the Harman Kardon Earbuds VS the stock Samsung Earbuds.
This entire comparison is totally dependent on your personal preference and what type of music you like to hear.
Let me know what kind of headphones and or earbuds you use and what you like in the comments below.
Shocker…. I have an opinion and give it in this video.
Do you like tech channels that actually have an opinion? Let me know that as well.

Facebook messenger gets an update. Now sending video


Facebook’s app to keep in touch with friends, family, co-workers, etc. via instant messaging, has now updated, there is a new option of sharing whatever it is that you want to share. The latest version of Facebook Messenger gains the ability to share videos.

The Facebook Messenger video sending feature adds an extra way of sharing more, in addition to pictures and voice. Here is how it works: tap the camera icon, hold the Send button, and either send the short clip, or record more.

Both the Apple iOS and Android versions have received the Facebook Messenger video update, but the roll-out process is happening in stages, so don’t flip out if you haven’t received yours just yet you know we will post the apk in our video later today.