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Sprint launches $60 unlimited everything plan but is it Unlimited?

Update at bottom.

We have told you for months about new plans and other moves sprint was making. One in particular was that Sprint was eliminating Unlimited Data. We heard the trolls and sprint fan boys cry that we were wrong its not happening.
Wait for it……. Told you so.
We don’t expect those same people to own it here but it is what it is right….

So wait Sprint just launched a new “Unlimited Plan” right? Well you are right. It depends on your term of unlimited. The new sprint unlimited plan will give you Unlimited Talk Text and Data. What they don’t tell you is after 2.5gb just like via Boost Mobile you get throttled.
Now the fine print hasn’t been dropped yet but this comes from internal docs from sprint.

What if I have unlimited data? If you have a old plan you better not change a thing on it. Even changing your insurance or features can cause you to lose your unlimited data.

As most know. I left Verizon for sprint for our business lines because of the “crap” Verizon was pulling. Now I have to admit we were lucky we got in on the unlimited before the cut off date.
But to be honest this is a real sucky move by sprint. And the new $60 unlimited plan is very misleading to customers.

Could sprint change direction? Yes they could…. But will they? I doubt it.

The public letter to all Carriers John Legere put out yesterday spelled out how to be an Uncarrier. These recent moves look like more flash in the pan stuff from Sprint.
I was seriously holding out hope for serious change. But sadly its more of the same.




The Framily plan is still available and it’s the only way to get the unlimited data guarantee.
Find this loop hole
(“Is the Sprint Unlimited Guarantee included in this new plan?

Yes, the Unlimited Guarantee is also part of the Sprint Framily plan, therefore, you will maintain the Unlimited Guarantee on the unlimited talk, text and data features as long as you remain a customer in good standing. If you choose the 1GB or 3GB data option for a line, the Sprint Unlimited Guarantee applies only to unlimited talk and text.”)

So you can still get the no throttle data. Get it while it’s hot



iPhone 6 Display Resolution leaked

Today supposedly the iPhone 6 resolution was confirmed via a microscope test, Feld & Volk claims its microscope tests reveal a display resolution of 1704 x 960, which is much higher than the current 1136 x 640 that we find on the iPhone 5s. The display size isn’t yet confirmed on what this test was done on, I’m guessing the 5.5 inch, More on that in a second, but if we were talking about the 4.7-inch model, this would bump pixel density from the current 326PPI to 416PPI. (Which is why we feel this is the 5.5 Inch iPhone in this test.)

Sources to Macrumors claim that the screen resolution is actually 1472 x 828, which in pixel density would amount to 360PPI,  that would still be within Apple’s Retina Display frame. This agrees with other Xcode sources found by 9to5Mac., As we stated earlier it could be that the higher screen resolution belongs to the bigger 5.5-inch iPhone 6. If that were the case, that would give us a pixel density of 355PPI, Thats very close to what the 4.7 Inch Model would have.

This is why I think both sources are correct and we are seeing tests coming from both devices. So sorry apple fans, You will still be FAR behind Android in the Pixel race, But atleast they have blown the screen up for you. 


Source Feld & Volk, Macrumors, 9to5Mac


Sprint Launches Best Deal in Data….. Yeah Right.

Sprint’s new CEO made waves when they were talking about new plans that would be very low and make everyone think before choosing another carrier….. Yeah about that.

So Sprint is releasing some new plans, And they have, But look making statements like “We’re going to make everyone think before choosing someone else” Is a big statement and I would not have led with this plan, Just my opinion. Sprint launches a new Family Share plan that allows you to have 10 lines for only $100.00 (Through 2015 then it will ADD 15.00 per line or 150.00 if you have 10) Sounds like a good deal on its face. 20GB of data with 2GB per line extra. So possibly 40GB of data on the whole account.

BUT HERE IS THE CATCH, You have to port your number in from someone else to be eligible for the discount…. Not a good move in my opinion.

And Sprint if you wanted to offer something compelling, You should have made the data Unlimited, I am sorry but people only go to sprint if at all now because of the Unlimited Data.
This is actually worse than the framily plan in my opinion for the loss of unlimited data.

I have included the plan image below so you can see the Koolaide Sprint is serving.

Now look I am a NEW sprint customer, I moved my business lines from Verizon to Sprint last week, So far things have been good, Either on par or better than Verizon in places.

I think If sprint wanted to make a splash here they should have led with the $50.00 Unlimited Everything plan, And or launch the 10 Lines 100.00 promotion but make the data unlimited. That would have surely made people think.

But sprint trying to do what AT&T and Verizon do at a lower cost is just not a good look, And in fact this should embarrass the new CEO and Corporate Staff that has come in.

Sprint fans and staff will say this is a big splash…. But if you want people to think you are serious about change….. Like T-Mobile was. Then this sadly is not it.
I still have hope that the new plans you announce this week for unlimited users are good, But leading with this plan set….. Is a fail.


iPhone 6 box and device leak. Or did it?

In the images below supposedly are of the iPhone 6 and the device itself.

The only problem with the images here are the fact that the Health Application is missing. Its not on this box at all.

Im not saying the images are fake, im saying take them for what they are. More coverage on this later today.