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@evleaks fund is live (Medical support fund for Evan)

Thanks to Evan ‘@Evleaks’ Blass tech fans have gotten an early look at some high-profile smartphones and tablets, usually months before they’re officially announced.
Now, after two years of tweets, the tech journalist turned full-time leak artist has announced he’s giving it up.

Evan Blass, who earned a reputation for putting out legit leaks, says he’s quitting because leaking photos and spec sheets on Twitter had proved near impossible to monetise.
He told The Next Web he had tried sponsored tweets, accepted donations and pushing folks towards his website, but found users had little incentive to visit after seeing his pics on Twitter and across the web.

So, as a result, Evleaks, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a decade ago, is Retiring.
I call on all in this Tech Community who have used images from @EVLEAKS and or used his content for the last to years to build your tech sites and give us all something to write about to get the word out.
This indiegogo campaign will help Evan get the proper medical care and treatment he needs to return to the best health possible and possibly one day make a return to this tech community.

You can help by sharing the campaign, Donating to the campaign, or just getting the word out.
Thank you.


TK O’Connor
aka T.K.


Android Silver is just a premium Nexus Line

There has been a lot of rumors, speculation, and even confirmed sources ………. That said the Nexus line was dead………. Um… Wrong.

As Ive stated before, Write it down, Lets make sure this is part of the record here.

While their may be no Nexus 6 (HEADS EXPLODE) There will be another nexus phone this year, Just most likely not called the nexus 6, And heres a shocker there may be TWO of them.

Android silver is a thing, Its 100% legit, But its not what people think it is.  Look Google is a business, there is a market and a need for PREMIUM HIGH SPEC Smart phones, And google has been missing that mark on the Nexus Line, (Here comes android silver).

So Android Silver will simply be a Premium Nexus Line, Thats it, It may even come with exclusive software features that regular AOSP Nexus Devices wont get. Look its no secret that Google hired people from Vertu the premium handset manufacturer, And I am telling you now that there will be a Nexus Phone and a Android Silver Nexus phone. Just like everyone else is missing the fact that there may be TWO Nexus Tablets. Look its simple google is going to get into the premium handset game. Did anyone else miss the change in direction with the OS at google IO?

With KitKat it was made to run on lesser devices, Android L will require beefier specs thats why you have Adroid One.

A lot  of people have asked my opinion on this, so there you go, there is my professional opinion on it, If they had a line in vegas on this subject you better believe I’d bet on it

Lastly is it just me, or did anyone else miss the Snapdragon 810 testing nexus tablet and a K1, Just saying………..