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More images from FCC show 5.9 inch Moto listed (NexusX)

Here is what we have to this point with links to see if for yourself.

A 5.9 inch Motorola device which looks ready for AT&T and T-Mobile shows testing today at the FCC see images below

Thanks to my staff for getting the screenshots for me for these images.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Nexus X stops by the FCC (UPDATED)

A unknown Motorola device we are sure is the Nexus X has officiay stopped by at the FCC.
With 5.87 inch display aka 5.9 this most surely is the Nexus X.

What are your thoughts?
You can see the comment thread below and thanks to Nate Case for breaking the FCC story.


Credit Nate Case


Source sends another Nexus 9 screen shot of Antutu

Our source sent us another screen shot of what they say is the Nexus 9 in Antutu.
Everything here looks above board to me and we are linking to their new site as well as they have more info on it.

Only question I have about this leak is the IMEI. I have been digging and haven’t seen where the device would have a IMEI. Sure nexus tablets always get the LTE varriant later but to get it first….. Is interesting.
More as this develops.
For now here is what we were sent in from our source.



BrownieAosp blog

Another posting shows the Nexus X getting ready for sale UPDATE

Update at bottom

Thanks to tipster @Alex_Vainshtein on Twitter we see the fnac posting we showed earlier in the week was legit.

Here is a much more clearer posting of the image as it looks like they are getting ready for pre orders.


What do you think about this new nexus x leak? Let me know in the comments.

Previous leak also below


Sources at bestbuy have just told me that they are prepping for a October launch for this device and vacation and time off has been stopped. This also is the case for the first two weeks of September(IPhone)

Also a friend who considers himself a hacker stated the fnac site is very open to hacks and modified pages. So take that for what it is worth.
Stay tuned. Will post more info as it becomes available.