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Watch “Oppo Find 5 gets Android 4.4 Kit Kat Nexus Rom!” on YouTube


Watch “Convert your LG G2 to Nexus 5 (full tutorial and w” on YouTube


Watch “How to turn your LG G2 into a Nexus 5 looking device” on YouTube


Nexus 5 is finally here!!!!

The Nexus 5 has just been announced within the last hour.
Currently on google play it shows 16gb available and black.

Google made us wait on this one.
My question is is it worth it?


How to Flash the Galaxy S4 to Verizon Prepaid Step by Step (Tutorial)” on YouTube


Leaked images of new HTC device running android and windows 8!

We came across this device while in settle. Video is coming soon.
Think windows 8x with a htc one camera and a 5 inch display it’s really amazing see the real photos here.

Code name is hybrid.










First look at the official iOS 7.0″ on YouTube

This is our first look at the official iOS update on the iPhone 5.
See our first thoughts today.


LG G2 first thoughts and how to unlock the g2″ on YouTube

See our first thoughts on the new LG G2 and how to unlock the device today in less than 10 mins.


How to Unbrick Hard Bricked Samsung Galaxy S4 ATT I337 SGH-I337 Jtag Service Riff Box” on YouTube

Ever wonder how to Unbrick a Galaxy s4?

This video shows you how.


How to flash the iPhone 4 and 4s to any network free

Thanks to AppleFlasher for the work and Ultimate Flasher Tool
Supported Carriers
Cricket, Page Plus, nTelos, MetroPCS, Revol, MobiPCS, TalkForGood, Choice, MIO and Alltel
– iPhone 4 on iOS 6.0 through 6.1.2

Have you already jailbroken with evasi0n?
If yes, you need to restore the iPhone to stock 6.1.2 with THIS ipsw.
Why? The exploits that evasi0n uses to create the untethered jailbreak destroy the process we need to use to connect to the phone and read/write the non-volatile memory items and load PRL via usb (flash the phone).
If no, proceed to section (1)

1 – Launch iTunes (make sure iTunes is up-to-date)
2 – Connect device to computer
3 – Select “iPhone” button in the top right of iTunes
4 – Click the “Get started” button if it is an option
5 – Hold the  Shift key and click “restore iPhone”
6 – iTunes will show a dialog allowing you to select the IPSW file you want your device restored to
7 – select the IPSW firmware (Download Here)  and hit “choose” 
8 – Be patient and wait for the installation process to be completed by iTunes

Note: restoring an iPhone/ iPod to a new IPSW file will erase all data and install the new version of the device’s OS over it. We encourage you to make a backup of your content before proceeding with the update / restoration process.

(1) Do a TETHERED Jailbreak with Redsn0w 0.9.15b3 and THIS ipsw:

1 – Right click on extracted RedSn0w.exe file and choose “Run as Administrator”
2 – Click “Extras” button on RedSn0w screen
3 – Click “Select IPSW” button and select the iOS 6.0 firmware file  (Download Here) file. Once RedSn0w recognizes the given firmware file click on “Back” button
4 – Click on “Jailbreak” button, and follow the on screen instructions carefully to enter into DFU mode
5 – Once your iDevice entered into DFU mode, RedSn0w will start processing.
6 – Select “Install Cydia” option and click Next button to initiate jailbreak process
7 – When RedSn0w will complete the process, your iDevice will reboot into a non-jailbroken state, this is because of tethered jailbreak so you need to boot tethered through RedSn0w
8 – Now, again put your iDevice into DFU mode through RedSn0w
9 – From main screen of RedSn0w, click “Extras”   “Just Boot” for a tethered boot of your iDevice and thats it.10 – Click “Select IPSW” button and select the iOS 6.0 firmware file  (same as in step 3) file
11 – Select “Just Boot” for a tethered boot of your iPhone

(2) Flash the iPhone:

1 – With Cydia up and running, refresh its sources by going into the Changes tab and tapping Refresh, install any updates.
2 – Go to  Cydia > Search > type in “OpenSSH” and install the package.
3 – Go to  Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add and add source “”    
2 – Install “Commcenter Patch” from apple flasher repo (no reboot required) 
3. – Go back to the packages list and install your carriers carrier bundle from apple flasher repo. We currently have bundles for Cricket, MetroPCS and PagePlus. 
4 – Connect phone to PC and choose “iPhone Flasher” from the ‘Tools” menu in Ultimate Flash Workshop. 
5 – Click the connect button.
6 – Wait for phone to fully connect  then hit the ‘read” button.
7 – Select your carrier from the drop down box.
8 – Enter your MDN, MIN, and SID.
9 – Click ‘Write’, wait for flash to complete, it will alert you with a pop up box.
10 – Click disconnect, the phone will reboot. You will need to do the ‘Just boot” process with Redsn0w again.

(3) Convert your Tethered Jailbreak to an UnTethered jailbreak with evasi0n in Cydia:

1 – The first thing you will need to do is launch Cydia.
2 – With Cydia up and running, refresh its sources by going into the Changes tab and tapping Refresh, install any updates.
3 – Once the sources have finished being refreshed you will need to go into the Search tab and search for:
evasi0n Untether
4 – Install the Evasi0n iOS 6.0-6.1 (actually works on 6.1.2) Untether package to your device and then reboot it normally by holding down the Power button until you see “Slide To Power Off” appear.
5 – Turn your device back on and after Evasi0n does its thing it should be up and running in an untethered state.
Use the desktop version of evasi0n found HERE.
Note: When evasion tries to reboot the iPhone for the first time you will need to push the reboot by putting the iPhone in DFU mode and doing a ‘just boot’ with redsn0w.

1 – Go to Settings -> Facetime and make sure Facetime is on.
2 – Go to settings -> Messages and make sure iMessage is on.
3 – Go to Settings -> General -> Cellular -> Personal Hotspot. — After Personal Hotspot has initiated for the first time the option should be available directly in settings right under the WiFi option. 
*note: The ‘waiting to activate’ for facetime and imessage can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 15 minutes. iMessage normally takes longer than facetime.
**note: $60 or $70 plan may be required by cricket to utilize Wifi Tethering (personal hotspot).
Your iPhone is now Fully flashed and untethered on 6.1.2!


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