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OnePlus Ladies First? That’s Bullshit

OnePlus Ladies First? That’s Bullshit!:

In the episode of Thats Bullshit listed above we talk about how OnePlus has yet again stepped in a big pile. And how this may affect oppo.

We also send a actual teabag OnePlus way.

Let me know what you think in the comments.
In my opinion the entire executive, marketing, and support staff should be fired.
Women should share this and get the word out on this Bullshit.


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HTC One Max M8 aka M8 Prime leaks

So it looks as if the successor to the HTC ONE MAX is on the way.

Last year HTC Released what looked like the HTC One Mini all blown up with a fingerprint scanner and called it the max.

This years model looks exactly like the HTC One M8 and drops that ineffective fingerprint scanner as well. This device looks like the HTC One M8 in every way. But there are some differences and this is why people are calling it the HTC One M8 Prime…… SPECS.

So according to sources the device will have the Snapdragon 805 not the 801 of the HTC One M8. The device will retain the MAX namesake.

No info on when the device will be launched. The test device in the photos looks pretty close to final product in my opinion. This could also just be a test device to see if there would be a demand for such a beast.

In my particular case I would take it in a heart beat, A better spec M8 with a 5.9 Inch display? Count me in.

Let me know what you think in the comments.


@evleaks fund is live (Medical support fund for Evan)

Thanks to Evan ‘@Evleaks’ Blass tech fans have gotten an early look at some high-profile smartphones and tablets, usually months before they’re officially announced.
Now, after two years of tweets, the tech journalist turned full-time leak artist has announced he’s giving it up.

Evan Blass, who earned a reputation for putting out legit leaks, says he’s quitting because leaking photos and spec sheets on Twitter had proved near impossible to monetise.
He told The Next Web he had tried sponsored tweets, accepted donations and pushing folks towards his website, but found users had little incentive to visit after seeing his pics on Twitter and across the web.

So, as a result, Evleaks, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a decade ago, is Retiring.
I call on all in this Tech Community who have used images from @EVLEAKS and or used his content for the last to years to build your tech sites and give us all something to write about to get the word out.
This indiegogo campaign will help Evan get the proper medical care and treatment he needs to return to the best health possible and possibly one day make a return to this tech community.

You can help by sharing the campaign, Donating to the campaign, or just getting the word out.
Thank you.


TK O’Connor
aka T.K.


More OnePlus issues?

The following was originally posted on the OnePlus forum by this user. Looks like more display issues.

Dear OnePlus,

my name is Francesco aka Carburano, i’m an Android enthusiast and since 2007 i’m enjoying smartphone world (I created rom for HTC Diamond and LG O2X).

When I first heard about your project I immediately thought: “that’s cool, finally an open alternative to the nexus… surely i will buy it!”

I have been patient for months, I have defended you here on the forum and in italian blogs, I received the invitation and I finally bought it … I didn’t care about yellow display, you hardly notice it …
But your management of complaints was not at the level of your marketing campaign, your deny of the problem, your bans …
Dear OnePlus you know on the forums it’s easier to raise the voice.. You have to understand …

In the meantime my 5 days old OPO started to have strange behaviours …

1- bad grounding issue : when laying on isolating surface, touch is awful. On my bed or on the car stand only one or 2 touch are recognized (today in my car it was impossible to use pinch to zoom in gmaps). It is unacceptable.

See this video i made: in the first part of the video i have OPO in my hand (6 touch) second part on the bed (difficult to reach 2 touch).

see my new video against my Nexus 4:

2- ghost touch and very high latency when typing (VOTE THIS ISSUE ON Jira typing performance with opo are very deluding. Sometimes touchscreen goes crazy and it’s almost impossible to write something. there are many videos regarding this issue and this is mine (Please watch it at max resolution and fullscreen, you will notice that when tapping fast a diagonal line will appear (it is a swipe)… it happens very frequently and writing an SMS or an Email is very frustrating.):

Here another video made by me… OPO vs Nexus 4

Here are other videos about the two problems from other forum users: (OPO Vs Nexus 5 – grounding issue)

On the forum i noticed that many of us have problems with the touch…
And everybody wrote here, asking for help but you … After 2 days … you ignore us … Tickets, private messages, quotes in the thread … We don’t deserve your attention .. .

AH BEFORE YOU ASK I already disabled double tap to wake, double tap to sleep and gestures, i tried factory reset, flash factory image but nothing helped! I removed also screen protector and case… but nothing!

Maybe you do not esteem us as we have estimated you. Maybe you prefer to be pay attention only to new customers, giving them another chance to give you 299 euro …

Meanwhile my love is almost ended … I need your attention always not only in the pre-sales phase. 

You know, I’ve worked as head of customer care in a computer company. You know that the maximum response time to a ticket for me was 8 working hours? You know .. If you organize the work you can handle it …

You say you have too many requests. Ask yourself why … Maybe your product is poor? Maybe you did something wrong, only thinking on marketing?

So I have many questions but no answers.

OnePlus are you just an illusion or can we expect an answer? 

I’ll give you 24 hours to give me an answer but it should be professional and credible. Please answer to your beloved customer.

Let me know.

Truly yours.


PS: I will Never Settle until I receive an answer from you!

PPS: my ticket number is 36151

PPS: I don’t want a refund or another phone. I want a fully working OnePlus One!

@Carl @David S. @Emmanuel@Ruta @Sparkolo @nguser @Pete@Mike @CM_Abhisek @cyanogen

EDIT 31/07 h. 13.55. Jira ticket has been closed with unresolved status. Maybe this means that this is an hardware issue… now we urgently need a sign from OP

EDIT 2: another suggestion from our friend @MickeyMouse

Try installing this app:

it is a simple drawing app which recognize pressure on supported phones… obviously OPO doesn’t support pressure on touch screenwhile Moto G (tested by @@MickeyMouse) is fully working…

I used the app also to test the latency and ghost touch… here attached a screenshot:

a you can see on the left there is a swipe with two fingers from top to bottom… suddenly the lines goes a little bit crazy. on the right i double tap from top to bottom… often two taps are recognized as swipe.

EDIT 3: I attached also the marker file from my nexus 4 (as you can see it’s perfect)

EDIT 4: 23:05 31/07/2014. Abhisek of Cyanogen team gave me an answer in Jira… He said that they are still investigating on the issue… So it’s not solved and they still don’t know what is causing it.

EDIT 5: added 2 more videos. I did a OPO vs Nexus 4 for both issues

EDIT 6: 01/08/2014 h. 23.30: 

Finally someone answer me… he was Andy (@Andy ?!?!?)

He wrote me a sincere email and he thanked me for the detailed post
 He said that typing issue (the worst in my opinion) it’s software related and they are working hard to solve it.

On the other hand he confirmed that Grounding issue is hardware related (we knew this, but as i stated many time this happens also on other devices… BTW thank you@BadCluster your work around let me pinch to zoom on Gmaps while i’m on the bed 

And now second, awesome news…

As stated by Andy Typing issue is software related… infact… after 5 minutes i received his email, a wonderful genius (Xavier) posted this comment on Jira Issue:

OnePlus customers go to out of frustration


It looks as if the OnePlus saga has taken a new twist by making the government aware of the issue.

We have seen customers file complaints with the FTC and now to see this petition is really not a good look for the company OnePlus.

What do you think about this recent development?
And do you think the issue is getting better or worse?
Let me know in the comments.

On another note we have purchased a OnePlus device directly through the company….. Why you may ask. 1.) people said because we purchased ours from ebay we havent had the real OnePlus experience.
2.) The device we purchased wasnt directly from oneplus.

Ok fair points on both.
And no the company had NO Idea we purchased the device and we had a family member purchase it so that OnePlus doesnt know who which order it is so they make sure its a good phone. We are getting one luck of the draw like anyone else and will report on the device as soon as it comes in which should be end of this week or beginning of next. Cant say what process the order is in. I dont want to tip our hand to OnePlus.

If the device is good with no issues I will say so. If not… I will also say so.
Then there is no debate. Ill go through RMA is bad and… Will video each process. And the public will see either good or bad. Its that simple.

See you soon.

More devices show up with new defects from OnePlus

Twitter its a thing in 2014. While OnePlus continues to try and censor its forum members, they have started to take to twitter and have posted screen shots of PayPal disputes and defective phones.

OnePlus has been answering to other press outlets lately claiming they would never charge for a warranty return, Yet images on twitter today of emails from OnePlus doing exactly that have surfaced.
Also on twitter are more screenshots of PayPal disputes as people are realizing they are not getting help from support and want their money back.

Here are some images from the past day.
Make sure to follow us on twitter @tktechnews as TK will post each image and retweet each image or issue you are having.
Censorship in 2014 is much harder with social media.

Could this be the end of OnePlus

Reports are coming in of Hundreds of people filling PayPal disputes against oneplus for the yellow band issue.
And in one case we received a conversation with a customer and PayPal in which PayPal assures the customer they will get a refund because quote “We have placed a hold against these funds”

If PayPal has frozen the funds from OnePlus it could be the end of that company. Its one thing to lose money in a recall etc for bad devices and a whole other issues to have your merchant freeze funds.

We will keep updating this story as more info comes in, But right now its really not looking good for OnePlus.

Have you filed a PayPal dispute? Let us know in the comments below and whether you got your money back.