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Galaxy Mega 2… 2?

Phonearena got their hands on some photos of the Galaxy Mega 2. Remember we spoke about this device a while back under the Galaxy W name. That device has a 7 inch display where this model has a 6 inch display.
Thats why we have the title with Galaxy Mega 2… 2.
Because as the Note 4 looks to have three variants this year. It also looks like the Mega will have at least 2.

Here are some of the specs and photos.
The pictures popped up on Chinese certification website TENAA, and they apparently depict the SM-G7508Q. This is a six-inch device with 720p and a rather large form factor, (especially for 720p).   As far as the internals go, the Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 is packing a Snapdragon 410 processor clocked at 1.2GHz. Qualcomm’s first 64bit chip, 2GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage expandable via SD, 13MP back camera, 5MP front facing camera, and Android 4.4 KitKat. Just to name a few.

What do you think about this new Mega let me know in the comments.




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Flashing to Verizon PrePaid or need PRL files, Here you go

I brought this over from the old blog by request. Here is all the passwords and files needed to flash to Verizon prepaid if wanted. Enjoy

Here is a master list of passwords, Files, Links to software and more.


16 Digit Passwords:

USCC S3 / S4 / Note 2 / Note 3 2010031619780721

Verizon S3 / S4 / Note 2 / Note 3 2009031920090615

Sprint S3 01F2030F5F678FF9 or 2012112120131219

Sprint S4 2012112120131219

Sprint Note 2 / Note 3 2012112120131219

Metro PCS S3 2FF811282FF9F323

Cricket S3: 2010031619780721

Gusto (Friend) U365 2011101116083112

Working PRL’s by Original Carrier phone:


60007 PRL Latest Modded Verizon PRL All Carrier Phones

65002 PRL

52874 PRL…int-phones.prl

52896 PRL…int-phones.prl

59317 PRL…20modified.prl

65005 PRL Newest Modded PRL

53263 PRL Selectel Latest (Not Modded)…63Selectel.prl

53269 PRL Page Plus Latest (Not Modded)…53269PPlus.prl


60007 PRL Latest Modded Verizon PRL All Carrier Phones

65002 PRL Modded PRL

53078 PRL

53126 PRL…126verizon.prl

53188 PRL…188verizon.prl

53160 Selectel PRL

65005 PRL Newest Modded PRL

53263 PRL Selectel Latest (Not Modded)…63Selectel.prl

53269 PRL Page Plus Latest (Not Modded)…int-phones.prl

US Cellular

60007 PRL Latest Modded Verizon PRL All Carrier Phones

65002 PRL

52874 PRL…int-phones.prl

59317 PRL…20modified.prl

65005 PRL Newest Modded PRL

53263 PRL Selectel Latest (Not Modded)…63Selectel.prl

53269 PRL Page Plus Latest (Not Modded)…int-phones.prl

What is a PRL and what it does:

PRL=(Preferred Roaming List)

The PRL is a list of information that resides in the memory of some kinds of digital phones. It lists the radio frequencies the phone can use in various geographic areas.

The part of the list for each area is ordered by the bands the phone should try to use first. Therefore it’s a kind of priority list for which towers the phone should use.

The PRL helps determine which home-network towers to use, and also which towers belonging to other networks to use in roaming situations (areas where the home network
has no coverage.) When roaming, the PRL may instruct the phone to use the network with the best roaming rate for the carrier, rather than the one with the strongest signal at the moment.

Since a PRL tells the phone “where” to search for a signal, as carrier networks change over time, an updated PRL may be required for a phone to “see” all of the coverage that it should,
both with the home network and for roaming.

10.key if needed:


PagePlus APN:…

The Best MMS Apk by far fully Flash Compatible

Version 1.12

Read all about it: (I have tested works on all carrier phones)


MMSC Proxy:
Port: 8080 (or 80)

If the above does not work then do the below: Phone number including area code)


MMSC Proxy: Leave Blank
Port: Leave Blank

Working MMS Program:

USSC/Verizon MMS Messages (Must be on JB and up to use)

This MMS apk. will keep you from having the issue of when sending a MMS it showing up as the Phone Number on the Sim Card…orkingmms2.apk

When you install the apk and open, it will ask you the carrier you flashed the phone to, along with the phone number. It is very important that you fill this information in. If you fail to do so, the apk will not function.

Verizon Messages (Messaging Apk. for use with Flashed phones)

Slightly Themed Version of Verizon Messages:

Voicemail Notification Apk for Flashed Phones (Does not suppose to have ads):…ilnotifier.apk


QPST 2.7.422…ST_2.7.422.rar

Hidden menu Apk:…nu_No_Root.apk

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Toolkit (Drivers/Odins/Recoveries/etc.)…kit_v4.1.0.exe

Note 2 Forum Page to read all about Toolkit….php?t=2052788

Samsung Galaxy S3 Toolkit (Drivers/Odins/Recoveries/etc.)…olKit_v7.0.exe

S3 Forum Page to read all about Toolkit….php?t=2092244

Verizon S3 Modems Link (Install in Recovery)

Sprint MSL Script for CDMAWS

This will zero out your MSL/SPC to 000000 on Sprint S2 and S3 Phones up to 4.1.2 Android Version…SL%20Fixed.txt

Samsung Drivers…%20%282%29.rar



UPDATE** Softbank makes ridiculous offer for T-Mobile CEO


WSJ reports Sprint to name Claure as CEO. Claure is the founder of wireless company Brightstar, and joined Sprint’s board back in January.

News broke today via the WSJ that the deal for T-Mobile wouldn’t happen.

We also learn that Dan Hesse time as the captain of the ship over at Sprint is also over as he will be stepping down.

The crazy news of the day is TMobile customers may still end up being mad as hell. As Softbank has reportedly made a ridiculous offer for the maverick T-Mobile CEO.
(There is also a shocking replacement if that would fall through)
Nothing specific was stated from the source who is a well known investor and holder of Sprint.
But the source stated quote “They are definitely willing to overpay, This guy is Jack Welch of our time”

Pretty strong words. Stay tuned as we will update this story the moment we get more info. And more info is coming tonight after a board phone call.



@evleaks fund is live (Medical support fund for Evan)

Thanks to Evan ‘@Evleaks’ Blass tech fans have gotten an early look at some high-profile smartphones and tablets, usually months before they’re officially announced.
Now, after two years of tweets, the tech journalist turned full-time leak artist has announced he’s giving it up.

Evan Blass, who earned a reputation for putting out legit leaks, says he’s quitting because leaking photos and spec sheets on Twitter had proved near impossible to monetise.
He told The Next Web he had tried sponsored tweets, accepted donations and pushing folks towards his website, but found users had little incentive to visit after seeing his pics on Twitter and across the web.

So, as a result, Evleaks, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a decade ago, is Retiring.
I call on all in this Tech Community who have used images from @EVLEAKS and or used his content for the last to years to build your tech sites and give us all something to write about to get the word out.
This indiegogo campaign will help Evan get the proper medical care and treatment he needs to return to the best health possible and possibly one day make a return to this tech community.

You can help by sharing the campaign, Donating to the campaign, or just getting the word out.
Thank you.


TK O’Connor
aka T.K.


Galaxy Note 4 free flowing SPen port

Check out @tktechnews’s Tweet:

In the above tweet we talk about the most recent info from a source at Samsung.
This is the same source that provided us the Hardware from our previous samsung leaks so we will consider it reliable.

Source says note 4 has free flowing S Pen port next to headset jack.
This puts the headphone jack on the bottom? Or the S Pen up top?
And by stating free flowing we take that to mean Water resistance.

Stay tuned as this story develops.
And yes video coming the moment we get hardware in hand.


Sprint to eliminate Unlimited Data internal doc shows new plans


As the document slated for all retail stores shows. Framily will be phased out and Family Share will be phased in.

Also gone are Unlimited My Way and Unlimited Data as an option.
Our source inside sprint says the unlimited plan “may” be around for the next 30 to 45 days as these new plans go into effect

Stay tuned as Ill write the full story later today.


Image above is from a retailer in Portland Oregon that has been testing the plan.

Galaxy Note 4 Aluminum Bezel shown in latest photos

Update: Its come to our attention courtesy of @evleaks that this is not the Galaxy F as we saw reported in other outlets.
This may in fact be the first leaked images of the Note 4 with bowed out corners.
We’ve left the rest of the lost as it was.

Yesterday we posted a video over on our YouTube Channel that showed and talked about the Galaxy F aluminum bezels.
With lots of talk about Samsung yet again copying Apple, what do you think of this latest leak? Let us know in the comments.

Video and pictures below
Credit @evleaks


Android Silver is just a premium Nexus Line

There has been a lot of rumors, speculation, and even confirmed sources ………. That said the Nexus line was dead………. Um… Wrong.

As Ive stated before, Write it down, Lets make sure this is part of the record here.

While their may be no Nexus 6 (HEADS EXPLODE) There will be another nexus phone this year, Just most likely not called the nexus 6, And heres a shocker there may be TWO of them.

Android silver is a thing, Its 100% legit, But its not what people think it is.  Look Google is a business, there is a market and a need for PREMIUM HIGH SPEC Smart phones, And google has been missing that mark on the Nexus Line, (Here comes android silver).

So Android Silver will simply be a Premium Nexus Line, Thats it, It may even come with exclusive software features that regular AOSP Nexus Devices wont get. Look its no secret that Google hired people from Vertu the premium handset manufacturer, And I am telling you now that there will be a Nexus Phone and a Android Silver Nexus phone. Just like everyone else is missing the fact that there may be TWO Nexus Tablets. Look its simple google is going to get into the premium handset game. Did anyone else miss the change in direction with the OS at google IO?

With KitKat it was made to run on lesser devices, Android L will require beefier specs thats why you have Adroid One.

A lot  of people have asked my opinion on this, so there you go, there is my professional opinion on it, If they had a line in vegas on this subject you better believe I’d bet on it

Lastly is it just me, or did anyone else miss the Snapdragon 810 testing nexus tablet and a K1, Just saying………..