Clarification Moto X+1 images legit

Just wanted to publish a clarification, ubergizmo ran with a story that the moto x+1 images were bogus, and that we said so, um….. Wrong.
Ok so let me try to spell this out, so there is no misunderstanding.
The moto x+1 images are infact legit, they had been (at least one of them) leaked earlier by @evleaks.
When we had more images of the same and consulted with another publication they advised these were already out there or very similar to whats been leaked.

And a quick look at the images shows that. But hey what are google searches for right lol.

Anyway so there is no misunderstanding ubergizmo there you go.
Also as stated, specs leaked line up with what has been confirmed from more than one source.
We took issue with a part of the information we were given (and didnt publish by the way) and even thought out loud that Moto may have intentionally tried to give us that bad information (which we didnt publish). That brings us to the bounty. There is nothing I cant stand more then someone trying to get one over, so I threw the bounty out there. Since moto tried to give us bad info to publish (again which we didnt) I dropped a 25,000 bounty cash for images and hands on with the device.

Now incase anyone else didnt understand that, hopefully this makes that clear.
But hey you cant always spell it out, remember all the people that said the Galaxy S5 Active we leaked was just an S5 with a case lol. Cant win them all.

As always
Your friendly neighborhood technology enforcer

Credit @evleaks first images
And $25,000 coming to first moto employee that gives us hands on time.

Oh update.
Its hands on time

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