Convert your Oppo Find 7 and 7a to Cyanogenmod with 128gb storage!

In this tutorial we show you how to convert your Oppo Find 7 and 7a, I’ve done it on both devices.

Credit to XDA and original developers who created the method.

The problem

Probably you are feeling like me. This is a great device, but the storage layout is frustrating. Only 3GB for /data an 9GB for /sdcard !!!
– Just a few apps before the storage is full
– Google Music will not be able to download more than a few albums

The reason

Oppo decided to not have unified partition layout (/data and /sdcard do not share the same space as any other modern phone does). This is something my three years old Galaxy Nexus has!!!!


There are a few, but without Oppo’s support (meaning: repartitioning) all of them will be non standard and will limit ROM interoperability.
On this thread I will focus on three of the less dangerous solutions:

  • Option 1 : Use “sdcard0″ (9GB) as /data, “userdata” (3GB) as “sdcard1″ and the external sdcard as “sdcard0″
  • Option 2 : WIP : Create a volume group (LVM) using “userdata” and “sdcard0″ physical devices (totalling 13GB). Use this as /data and the external sdcard1 as sdcard0. This is based on an idea by Entropy512 and I take no credit at all
  • Option 3 : WIP : Same as 2 plus unified partition layout (/sdcard0 on top of data). Leave sdcard1 as sdcard1 if you have it.

What you will need

Options 1 and 2 require an external sdcard. Option 3 does not (although you can still use it)
You should have installed fastboot and adb in order to flash a new recovery and do backups.
You need to use my special TWRP builds only.

Option 1

This is the easiest (but less than ideal) solution. You will have 9GB in /data and use your external sdcard as /sdcard0 (as if it was internal). the remaining 3GB will be considered as an external /sdcard1.

Option 1 outcome

The trick is simple, just replace the partition table (fstab.qcom) with this one. Put it on device/oppo/find7/rootdir/etc/fstab.qcom and brunch find7. Additionally rebuild TWRP with a similarly modded twrp.fstab. Alternatively you might want to rebuild the boot.img ramdisk, build for another ROM (OMNI is a great option too) OR use the downloads below:

* CM11 with the new parition layout (source built on 20140626)
* TWRP with similar partition layout (although external_sd is still external_sd and internal_sd is sdcard0).

1) Use your existing standard TWRP to do a nandroid backup to your external sdcard
2) Reboot into your bootloader (adb reboot bootloader or hold on your vol up and power button)
3) Flash this special TWRP image (fastboot flash recovery twrp-find7a-swapped-data-sdcard.img)
4) Reboot into recovery (power off, hold vol down and power button)
5) Click on Wipe, Advanced Wipe. Check Dalvik Cache, System, Data, Cache, Internal_sd, Android Secure (pretty much everything EXCEPT external_sd)
7) Reboot
8) Profit


If the text tutorial is to hard, Follow our youtube channel for a full step by step


Credit XDA
Link with held at request of Admin on xda

Last comment is right F it. If XDA doesn’t want me to link to them screw it we’ll do it here anyway. I’m assuming once I do this I won’t be posting there further as the admin will probably get mad or ban us but that’s OK. I’ll let you guys our viewers post for us.

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18 thoughts on “Convert your Oppo Find 7 and 7a to Cyanogenmod with 128gb storage!”

  1. for the find 7 tutorial…did you not just get that from the oppo forums as i have seen that posted there for a little while…did you change something for that method to work

    1. I stated in this post and on YouTube that this comes from XDA developers. A simple Google search would show that.
      I’ve also demonstrated from the device that it works.
      Question answered

  2. Would it be that bad to link back to the original XDA thread??? I’m the original author of the XDA post and I’m willing to help anyone with questions regarding how to build it, but PLEASE (Mod edit genius droped an F Bomb) link back to the source and give proper credit.
    And btw this is a procedure for ROM building, not for casual flashers

    Link withheld at request of XDA Admin

    1. I actually pulled the text from Android Forums but knew it was from XDA and said so in the post. That’s where it says credit XDA.
      As for providing a link. I’ve been asked by the main admin not to post links to XDA from here. I’d be happy to send you his info and you can take it up with them. Said the exact same thing and actually….. Linked to the thread in the video. So look before you come here dropping F bombs at me “ask” what’s up…. And come correct.

  3. can u please make a video demonstrating this?

    PS: Im following ur channel on youtube. I know u have a video related to this but it would be AWESOME if u can give us a step by step video!

  4. Since getting my Find 7 QHD (X9076), I have been following TKTechNews with interest. I’m currently running CM11 (11-20140706-NIGHTLY-find7) on my Find 7 QHD (X9076), but would love to try CM11S (the special edition originally developed for the OnePlusOne) which you are running on a Find 7 QHD in your YouTube video. The link in this article it is to which I assume is CM11, not CM11S. Could you please provide a link to the Find 7 QHD compatible version of CM11S? P.S. Looking forward to your step by step video on Monday!

      1. I didn’t realise the Find 7a version of CM11S also works on the Find 7 QHD. That is great news. Many thanks!

  5. Q1. Could you please explain what “brunch” means in the following sentence “Put it on device/oppo/find7/rootdir/etc/fstab.qcom and brunch find7″? The definition “late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch” does not appear to fit the context 🙂
    Q2. Are you still planning to have your video tutorial on YouTube today (Thursday)? I have been looking forward to it all week.

  6. thank you for the post it got it done successfully, but i noticed that as soon as it started up it said the update is available cm-11-20140814-NIGHTLY and i applied the update and before the update the storage was showing 9.25GB and 59.36GB just like yours but after the update it installed a brand new rom and under the storage it showed the 2.9 or 3G pretty much it went back to regular cm11 and bypassed the unified storage. How can we fix this or will there be special updates?

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