Could Google keep a LG Nexus with a Moto Nexus?

So straight to the point.
Info from a source says that LG may still have a Nexus device in the fold for Google.
Yeah I know what about Motorola etc. Well it looks as if LG may have a 64gb nexus 5 as a more budget friendly option next to the new Motorola nexus device.

This isn’t the first time we have heard this but it goes without saying this is a rumor. We are working to get some type of confirmation. Stay tuned more details as this develops.


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20 thoughts on “Could Google keep a LG Nexus with a Moto Nexus?”

  1. As many have said, the Nexus 5 is still more than relevant in terms of top smart phones. Still standing strong, a reboot may actually be a great idea. Update a little bit, work out whatever kinks are still in the Nexus 5, and release a Nexus 5 2014

  2. Interesting. If they will release the Nexus 5 with 64gb as a budget option, leads me to believe that the Nexus X won’t have the discounted price that we’ve been getting the last couple of years?

    Maybe the Nexus X will be higher priced than the $349-$399 US we’re used to seeing.

  3. The only thing is Google has never kept around the previous year’s model. That was Apple that did that, not Google.

    Every year there are “wishful” rumors. Last year it was “Oh, Google’s going to keep the Nexus 4 in production but add LTE because ‘4.7 inch is perfect’”. No, the phone Google releases that year is “perfect”, in Google’s eyes. Nexus 4 disappeared before the Nexus 5 arrived.

    This is one of those rumors I won’t believe until I see it.

    The purpose of the Nexus smartphones is to influence design and to showcase the newest Android OS. Google doesn’t need to keep the Nexus 5 around to do that. It would only distract attention from the Nexus 6 — probably going to be called the Nexus X for legal reasons.

  4. The N5 is still a good device that will serve any owner two more solid year if a few specs are upgraded.
    1) A 64GB int. storage model will be very tempting.
    2) Upgrade the battery to 2800+,mAh if possible… the main reason I skipped it was the battery.
    3) The camera may also need an upgrade.
    The top two points will be necessary for savvy smart phone buyers to take a bite.

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