Could HTC be building a Nexus? Leaked cases seem say yes

Look I’ve been taking the HTC rumor mill on a nexus phone with a grain of salt. But not after today, source material has been literally flying in.

In the images below we see a case seller selling cases for the Nexus 6 aka Nexus x or are there both a Nexus 6 and Nexus X. I know it’s confusing.

Anyway back on point look at the images in the case. Clearly a massive phone with 7 icons in the drawer like a xperia Z Ultra.
The camera has the HTC Style and the front speakers scream boom sound to me.

What do you think. I’ve attached the images below.
Courtesy of carter71610 via twitter

The case is currently for sale as well.
This all should be interesting as Google could drop a nexus device any day. Though our sources say between October 7 thru the 9th other say literally any day. We will see and I will keep you posted




18 thoughts on “Could HTC be building a Nexus? Leaked cases seem say yes”

      1. What size is the case ? If it happens will nexus 6 be sane HTC one max size ? Hopefully with the PPI will be more G3 2k 1440p than htc one max!
        Need a z ultra successor or im gonna cop Sony z3 tablet compact 8″ r with LTE

  1. So what about the release date? When will google officially disclose their smartphone(s)? It is already midway through september.

  2. Abt time for Google to unleash these monster pure Android devices. Triple yeses for an HTC Nexus X(6), dbl yeses for a Moto Nexus phone, and yes for a Sony or LG Nexus phone.
    Hope Sundai P and his crew send out invites this week or will it be another quiet release. I say we need a date to be excited abt.

  3. OK, going over all the evidence thus far and not having any sources of my own I think we are getting a clearer picture of what is happening now.

    Nexus X (Motorola)-tribute to Moto X:
    -5.2″ screen
    -XT 1112 model number usually associated with Moto
    -2k resolution
    -Qualcomm 805
    -3 gig RAM

    Nexus Shamu (HTC)-Or to be called Nexus One like in 2010?-tribute to HTC One:
    -5.9″ screen
    -case photos as proof above
    -same specs as Nexus X

    Moto S (Derr Motorola)-Verizon only version of Nexus Shamu (Verizon and Nexus never mixed well in the past):
    -5.9″ screen
    -same specs as other 2
    -was to be first Android Silver phone and makes sense on Verizon who never get Nexus phones with stock Android-but Android Silver is on hold so who the hell knows.

    This is fun, like predicting who’s gonna win the world cup lol.
    LOVE, LOVE the site TK. Your quickly making me into a leaks junky.

    1. And let’s not forget a refreshed LG Nexus 5 with 64 GB storage. Maybe Google is considering scraping Android Silver and instead having nearly every OEM build a damn Nexus device lol. Sony you’re up! Water proof that Nexus Xperia.

  4. I agree with the above comment. I think there are going to be two nexus’ versions. It makes sense. Nexus 5 64 gig for the average user. The Nexus 6 for the person who wants a bit bigger of a phone, and the Nexus 6 Type S for the person who wants a phablet. But the specs for the 6/6TypeS will be the same outside of the screen size. And I bet the price will only increase by 50 dollars from the 6 to the 6 Type S.

    I absolutely love Nexus Season. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. 😀

  5. Nice find! I’m not too sure about jumping back into a Nexus tab. Though I always dreamed about htc throwing one out.. That boom sound would go great with my morning cup of Joe.

  6. Images seem legit as well as the website…so I am curious as to why no other sites have picked up this story. Also do u have any follow up on this story or sources as to whether HTC is indeed making a Nexus phone. The design on those cases look like HTC but maybe on Googles direction Motorola designed the device to look different from the Moto X.

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