Could this be the new Nexus X?

EMTLeaks has posted the following image via twitter.

What are your thoughts.


Check out @EmtLeaks’s Tweet:

Our only question here is in the image you can read that the item is in stock and ships within 1 to 2 days.
Render or placeholder? You decide.

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7 thoughts on “Could this be the new Nexus X?”

  1. These companies need to stop with all the phones. I want to get a new phone, but I can’t decide which one to get now. Damn you Motorola

    If this is real, I think this will be the way I go though. Any guesses as to the release date?

  2. You can see the sensors on the bottom right and left. I doubt that moto would include this in a Nexus device. Nevertheless, still interesting to see how it would look if it is based off the moto x.

    1. €399 is the cost of a 32GB Nexus 5 in Europe. So the price tag actually makes sense.

      As for the rest, I think the image is fake but I cannot really say why I do; it’s just a gut feeling.

  3. By the way the pic looks faka. How can the lettering @EMT be transparent under the screen of the phone?
    I hope the NX has a different design from the new Moto X and hope we get a 64GB storage option as well as a bigger battery from the jump.

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