55 thoughts on “(Exclusive)Nexus 9 CPU Z info Leaks”

    1. This the same Michael Heller that bad mouthed me to my Moto source? Then ran with the info anyway….. The video is a voice over about what we had that came in.
      Also we never heard anything from you guys about what was said in that email. Did you guys ever back off that opinion to my source or do you still feel that way.

      1. Hmmm. I could list the email out here if you want. But I believe it went something like. Oh isn’t that the site that posts nothing but fake stuff???

        That’s not verbatim but close.

        As stated if you follow what I’m doing I’m in CHINA doing what most sites won’t do. And that’s go to the source and factories to get my news.

        If you think that this is BS so be it. Don’t report on it. But months later when I am right do expect an I told you so.

        I had nothing but respect for your site and still do. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I think that email was crap. And even after the source told you they sent it to me. You didn’t try to clean it up….. So how am I suppose to take that?

        Even after the email I was cool enough to tell my PAID source they could send you stuff. I’m thinking you guys haven’t paid them? Or am I wrong?

        I’ll continue to get good info and leaks because I pay my sources. What does that mean…… That means I check the info before they are paid or ask for proof. That also means I don’t jeapordize my sources….. So I posted what is currently posted.
        You guys are more than welcome to do the same investigative tech reporting I am doing and get the same info.

        As I said beyond a tegra shield 2 that isn’t widely out there nothing runs that processor. If you have a list I’m all ears but I haven’t found A device with that spec list…. Thanks

  1. I agree with TK. If you don’t like what he reports, then don’t read/report on it. And don’t publicly trash talk him on his own site. Get some class.

    TK, thanks for the leak and picture. You’re an excellent leaker in the industry and I’ve enjoyed reading your articles/watching your videos on the leaks. Whether they’re 100% correct or not, I don’t mind. What I like is that you’re willing to report the info you get from your sources rather than hold it to your chest for

    As with all leaked stuff, nothing is 100% until it’s announced, so if a few things are wrong here and there, that’s fine, things change, devices go through revisions. TK is at least reporting what he’s given.

    Keep it up TK. We appreciate your work and the effort you go to get this stuff for us.

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