First look at Moto X+1 is awesome

Ive got my first look at the Moto X+1.  Its how we say “like that”.
But on a serious note to protect this source I will have to wrap this device or cover the identifying marks.
Now ive already shared a look with publications I trust so im sure it will be corroborated.

Some things I can tell you right now. The display is Amazing, all preproduction model devices have a certain color back. Which I cant say to protect the source. And ill most likely have to put tape on the back to hide that.

Ill put it next to the old Moto X for comparison.
SD card slot is confirmed (at least from what ive seen) (you dont think id travel with all that cash without some proof of the device)

If you didnt get a look at it from me and you can sign an NDA and I trust your publication Ill give you a look.
But as stated thats for corroboration. Because as stated I will cover all identifying marks to protect this source.

Also unexpected goodies! A new moto tablet is in the house for verizon and its a beauty.
And yes I will be dropping images on our instagram.
Hands on will have to wait. Have to make sure I dont miss any marks that could identify the source.

So to recap.
Colored back on all demo devices preproduction
Good news is no bulky fake case so you can see the shape
Phone is definitely bigger, but also thinner.

Oh and the boot animation is sick. Just saying.

First image of some of that at link below on our instagram

TK how do we know you have this device?

Three top publications I trust most likely will corroborate it.

When will we see it?

Im working on some time today.
Video may not be pretty (no editing) but like the active ill get it up. Be patient

When does it come out?

From what this source has shown me. They are legit and release date is in September.

Any other questions drop them here on the post.

Image 1

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14 thoughts on “First look at Moto X+1 is awesome”

  1. Two key, and deciding factor, questions:
    1. Is the device any taller than the Galaxy S4 (my current device)? (Hope the answer is no.)
    2. How is the camera quality ? Have they improved it over the X? How does it compare to the S4?

      1. Great to hear! If it is smaller than the s4 *and* the camera has been improved, this is my next device. Thanks, TK.

      1. Will be coming. I can say this the major publications you will see talking about it have seen what im talki g about..
        I have to be very very careful not to get this kid fired for briging these several things to us.
        A tablet, a white model, a black model,

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