Is the Nexus 6 everyone thinks Verizon is getting just a Moto S

So there has been a lot of conflicting reports out of motorola.
Some of the most recent news is any 5.2 inch Moto nexus device has been scrapped as we previously reported as well as phonearena. These devices have been repurposed for the Droid Turbo line and a ATT rebranded of the same device. (Think droid razr and Moto atrix hd)

So that means there will be a 5.9 inch nexus device for sure from motorola. But what about the Moto S.
Well the latest info from our sources are the following.
The Moto S and Nexus 6 are virtually the same device yet different.
According to the source the logic board will be exactly the same on both devices. BUT…. According to the source there could be a button or other feature on the back of the Nexus Phone not the Moto S.
I pressed the source for more info is it a finger print scanner or a button? Nothing confirmed from them either way. (It’s worth noting that we heard this about the Moto X as well but that didn’t happen)

So what’s the difference? According to the source the Nexus device may not have the Moto Branding on that back (button/scanner) and the Moto S is essentially the same device except it will be available for Verizon and have a Moto X 2014 stock experience.
Basically a blown up Moto X with higher specs.

So is Verizon getting the Nexus 6? I highly doubt it, in fact I’ll say NO right now.
I think all the confusion on this matter is the fact that the Nexus 6 aka Nexus X and the Moto S look so similar they are hard to tell apart.

We are meeting with a source on Sunday to take a look at the Moto S prototype so stay tuned. Then it could make things a lot clearer.
Remember we’ve already seen this device from awhile back and it does line up with every nexus rumor except that button/scanner let’s see if it’s right.



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8 thoughts on “Is the Nexus 6 everyone thinks Verizon is getting just a Moto S”

  1. Here’s the deal with me. I’m coming from the Galaxy Nexus. Admittedly not the best hardware in the world, but very moddable. In fact, I’m flashing nightlies from AOKP. I like that. I’m spoiled. It’s hard to get a great modding experience on a Verizon phone.

    … before that, I had the Droid X. That was great hardware in its day, but the flashing experience was a pain in the neck. The Nexus 6 promises to be the best of both words, hardware and modding. I’m interested. If not this, the note 4-edge or the htc m8 Max (rumored). I juuuuust can’t get myself to pull the trigger on an iPhone, plus or otherwise.

    1. I got the current max and its bootloader is unlocked and its been rommed to death, really excited to see a new max. Despite this max not having top specs when it came out last year its still a awesome phone. I like modding phones as well. Hopefully there will be some work arounds on these new Motos.

  2. I hope we get this device sometime this month, I need to return to Android asap. Hope everything works out with the source on Sunday and keep up the good work. Thanks for the info

  3. I want pictures of this Moto S TK lol. Also can we get a confirmation on battery size? This is about the only spec that’s not confirmed, I keep seeing 3200+. Thanks for the info and hope to see more soon.

  4. Absolutely stupid idea to cancel a 5.2″nexus it would sell way more than a 5.9″ nexus. I want to upgrade my nexus 5 but not to a MASSIVE nexus.

  5. This is misleading to me. I saw a comment on your YouTube video saying 100% confident Verizon would see a nexus device. I guess the more recent leaks have changed your mind??

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