Microsoft China oops leaks Windows 9

Microsoft China’s official Weibo account today accidentally posted a teaser for their upcoming Windows 9 OS. The post was removed after few minutes and before that cnbeta was able to take a screenshot


Per reports, Microsoft is expected to release the Windows 9 Technical Preview to the general public by end of this month. This technical preview release of Windows 9 is expected to include several changes in the user experience and many new features as well.

Microsoft is planning to bring new Start menu with Live Tiles, Windowed mode, Cortana integration and more.



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One thought on “Microsoft China oops leaks Windows 9”

  1. Cortana my butt. Here’s a good marketing tip Microsoft. If your going to brag about bringing The Chiefs AI assistant, then at least make her sound like Cortana. But nope they make Cortana sound just like Siri.

    A more human voice would attract more users rather than another siri clone.

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