Moto 360 Day 1 Complete, Battery Life & Thoughts

In the video above we talk Moto 360 and battery life after a full day of use, The results may surprise you. We also give a few tips on how to still have 40% battery life at the end of the day.

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4 thoughts on “Moto 360 Day 1 Complete, Battery Life & Thoughts”

  1. you’re kind of missing the point. As a watch you should be able to glance at the time whenever. Tapping the display to show the time in order to save battery life is a compromise. Even a full day battery is a deal breaker for most people – many of us barely remember to charge our phone let alone charge 2 devices every day.

  2. This is great to hear. I was really concerned after hearing about the battery issues from certain sites. The thing is, is that Android Wear is just meant to be glanced at here and there in a day but during all these tech site’s reviews of the device they’ve most likely over used it throughout their test period with it. If you use the Moto 360 as intended (as quick glances with little screen time), I think the battery issues will resolve themselves and a full day of use will be achieved.

  3. I was thinking I could just run to my bestbuy and pick one up. Not so much :'( I definitely want to get one but the back order is killing me. Tip, bestbuy said they expect another shipment this week coming up along with a few trickling in each week. Just keep checking.

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