25 thoughts on “Moto Nexus X/Moto S info leaks”

  1. For about $600 for a phablet ok. But I’m not looking for a huge ass phone like that one. The design is not attractive overall and really just any phone over 5.5” NTY!

  2. I noticed the change (drop) in resolution from previous leaks. Pretty disappointing. Glad I’m not after the Shamu (Nexus S,perhaps?).

    Where’s my Nexus X (5.2″), TK? Where?!


    1. Actually, I’m hoping for the drop. There is practically no reason to go above 1080p in any phone phablet or not. All it does is eat up processor and (consequently) battery power.

      1. So I recently have come to better understand. It took reading an article comparing the “retina display” in reference to other phones’ PPIs. And logic failed me in figuring that higher PPI means more power usage.

  3. If this is the nexus It will be just that. There wont be confusion on the name at all. Motorola Nexus S. All of the leaks have mentioned the codename in all of the posts. That’s why I believe Motorola is using the way of the nexus to get people excited about their product.
    But I could be wrong. Too much going on in the tech world so I’m just as confused as the next person. 2 devices makes sense the 2 devices left are the Moto G and the HTC one M8 on the Google play store. So if Motorola is making the huge 5.89 Nexus S then HTC is probably pegged to make the 5.2 in Variant. But I’m speculating that HTC has something else up their sleeve. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  4. I don’t think that Motorola necessarily needs the Nexus/Google brand to get people excited about their products. They’ve had quite a following for a number of years. Droid Razr had a huge following, especially for mods. And the new lineup looks pretty sweet. I wouldn’t turn down a Moto X.

      1. I’m a real Moto fan to, u could go along the lines of fanboy even lol. I’m really digging the Moto S and the Droid turbo. Only reason I don’t care for the X is the small battery, it simply ain’t enough. I’m calling this new leak BS cause it doesn’t match any of the other leaks and a snapdragon 810 just screams fake. But I appreciate TK for all the leaks.

      2. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a Moto fan, but I do like what they bring to the market. The last Motorola phone I owned was just before the shortened name began to be used. I have always liked reading about all the mods people would do. Apple lost me as a customer with the iPhone 4. And last year, I tested the Android waters and converted.

        I’ve done a lot of reading about the Nexus line and Google’s ventures into numerous areas of innovative technologies. I’ve been waiting for the successor to the Nexus 5 since the beginning of the year, and I’ve followed all the rumours and announcements since. That doesn’t make me a fan girl, does it? 😉

        PS @ TK: thank you for your dedication to new tech. You and Marques are my favourite guys to follow.

  5. No one else notice that in display features it has Active Display? Definitely not a Nexus device if it is true. Also motorola has rebranded it Moto Display, which would mean this would have to be pretty old.

  6. IPS display *and* Active Display? Active Display should only work on AMOLED screens. Either this is fake or there is a mistake in the info.

      1. Why not? Google owns/owned (not sure of the exact status of the sale to Lenovo) Motorola, so wouldn’t it be fair to say that Google has rights to their tech?

  7. Just like Android L will not be LMP but Lollipop so too will the real Nexus 6(X), will not be made by Motorola but HTC….going out on a limb here.
    That said…Motorola may bring us a Nexus Phablet.
    I think a few guys on these tech sites know who the real Nexus phone OEM is…they’ve been asked to Zip it, and this Motorola Narrative is merely a diversion.
    For some reason that HTC Nexus case has vanished from the Aliexpress site…might be wrong but something tells me it is legit. Must have been placed there before they were given the green light.
    Whether it is HTC or Motorola or Sony (cuz this device has front firing speakers), I want my Nexus ASAP. Three things a must on this device….bigger battery, 64GB storage option, slim bezels all around plzzzz.

    1. That last part really appeals to me as well. And I can see how manufacturers would pressure the tech guys to keep things hush, but then why would that have changed over past years? Some guys made their names by being ones that people in the industry leaked information to. Of course the manufacturers could bully people into keeping it hush by threatening to not send them review units, or even legal action, but then those guys could fire back pretty hard by letting the public know about a company’s bullying tactics.

      I think the big challenge is for companies to put out fake leaks here and there to head us in a different direction. That causes some really lively discussions like we have going on in this thread. I really enjoy this, because it’s a great exchange of ideas and though we can end up disagreeing with each other, so far it’s been pretty friendly and a debate, not argument.

      Group hug?

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