Moto S and Droid Turbo images leak

Below are a few images from hellomotohk, confirming our previous leak of the Moto S and also showing us the droid turbo.

What to you think?
Will the nexus be based off the bigger Moto S?
We should know in the next few weeks


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14 thoughts on “Moto S and Droid Turbo images leak”

  1. I hope to see the Moto S on Verizon soon, the Droid Turbo in my opinion looks weird, specs r good, just have to see it. Hey TK do u believe the Moto S is still coming to Verizon? Thanks.

  2. So the Moto S is Motorola’s ‘phablet’ device, what exactly is the Droid Turbo?

    What are the supposed specs of the Turbo? This is the first time I’m hearing of it.

  3. Droid turbo seems like a no joke device. Good alternative to those on Verizon that can’t get the new nexus. May even be better if it has the maxx battery life!

  4. The spec rumors for Droid seem good, but it looks ugly in my opinion. Also Motorola’s slgan is “Choose choice”, and yet it doesn’t seem like they are going to offer a more modestly sized phone to the market this year. I wish they would have taken the moto maker concept further and offered Moto X in 3 sizes,; then their ” Choose choice” slogan would have made more sense.

  5. Model on the right xt1254

    Model on the Left xt1080 10 mp camera

    Plastic covers picture, right most picture a third model (or prototype)

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