Moto S and Nexus are they the same device?

Info has been flying in the last few days. And just getting back to the US my email has been slammed.

To the point, here is what I’ve been told thus far.
Looks like the original design on the nexus was scrapped, a new phablet line called the S series aka Moto S is readying launch.
This looks to be a verizon exclusive with Att getting the device after 2 months.

Very high specs as rumored before. QHD display 5.85 aka 5.9 inch display
Snap dragon 805.
According to sources there were two devices slatted to be on the nexus launch list. A 5.2 inch and a 5.9 inch device.
As reported here an elsewhere Moto would scrap or repurpose one of these devices depending on initial Moto x sales.

What does this mean? Well while speculation that the Android Silver line is dead may be true, the first initial devices from Motorola and HTC have already been built, does this mean they will be nexus devices? NO. Not at all.

According to sources Google still may bring android silver to the table, or may repurpose these devices as new Google play edition devices. This is why we see NO NEXUS branding on the Moto S we have seen leaked lately that people are considering a nexus 6 aka nexus x.

The Nexus version of the Moto S will NOT have a Motorola logo in that big circle on the back. But unless something drastically changes will look like the device we have already seen leaked with minor changes.

What about the 5.2 nexus? According to three sources, all providing the same info, the droid turbo was a candidate for this device. But Moto sources do say it was happening but it wasn’t a Moto device.

Does that mean HTC was actually building a nexus phone and pulled back? Or was this LG? We are pushing very hard to get the info. And we will update as we know more. But for now we can say for certain there will be TWO Google phablets coming this fall. One a nexus and one the Moto S.

As for the nexus 6 name. According to a friend at Google they have aggressively gone after licensing for the name. Will it be Nexus X or Nexus 6 we will soon find out as were literally less than 2 weeks away.




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38 thoughts on “Moto S and Nexus are they the same device?”

    1. Isn’t that going to be the HTC GoPro competitor though? I don’t think it’ll be for the Nexus phone, or the Nexus tablet.

    2. I am with u and have been for a while now…abt the possibility of seeing HTC return as Nexus phone OEM. I really do hope Google gave them the honor to craft a killer specced Nexus Phone and Tablet. HTC does need it…they took a chance with the original Android phone when all the other OEMs were on the sidelines, they were also the first onboard with a Nexus device though the sales model at that time didn’t do well in pushing out a lot of devices. Still have my N1.

  1. TK, do you know when the Moto X 2014 is coming to US Cellular? And whether or not it will get Motomaker, which I doubt. Thanks for keeping up the great info man!

    1. Google (or Bing, or Yahoo, etc) Moto X 2014 us cellular. I was reading some other stuff about the phone last night and saw that it is coming to US Cellular. If I recall correctly, it will only be available in white or black. Sorry.

  2. Does this mean the Moto S will be in the Google play store and will not be a nexus? Then there likely will be regional variants for LTE? What would be the other “nexus” devise? The moto droid turbo?

  3. Why not Nexus 6 for the 5.2″ phone, and Nexus S for the big Shamu 5.9 by Motorola that’s based on the Moto S? To me, that would make more sense, especially if the phone will not be based on a Moto. Sure, 5.9 is close enough to 6, but the phones have been sequentially numbered, and the 5.9 is phablet territory.

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