Moto S Confirmed Verizon Wireless Images, First Android Silver device?

Below you will find the Screen protector coming on the new Moto S on Verizon Wireless.

Yes as you can see dual front speakers like the Moto X+1

What do you think? This comes from the same source as the benchmark pics etc, Let me know what you think in the comments below.

And on Youtube

Moto S Image

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35 thoughts on “Moto S Confirmed Verizon Wireless Images, First Android Silver device?”

  1. This definitely seems like more of a “Silver” device than the Nexuses we’ve gotten used to in recent years. I don’t see them hitting a $350 price point with specs like these, and I’m ok with that. I’m willing to pay more for quality. My only hope is that T-Mobile makes a way to have Wi-Fi calling on this, that’s the only thing I dislike about stock Android.

  2. Perhaps Motorola is going to add a top shelf model to its lineup. Moto S, Moto X, Moto G/E? While the Moto X was a nice device, one of the main criticisms I recall was that it was very much a mid to low tier device. Perhaps Motorola/Lenovo is taking that to heart.

  3. Does anyone know what size this screen is? I know there were rumors of 5″ all the way up to 6″. Coming from Note 2, I am looking to downsize a little.

  4. I’ve been wanting a Nexus or some kind of stock Android device ever since the Nexus One came out, but I cannot afford an unlocked phone. The only way I could afford something like this is if it’s $500 or less AND Google through their Play Store would offer zero percent interest financing (I think Motorola offers financing for the Moto X) so I could get it for $20 a month or less over 2 years (the same length as most contracts) AND if greedy Veri$on would discount my plan by the exact same amount. In other words, all these things would have to come into play to make it cost neutral to me, compared to the traditional route of doing a 2-year contract and having my phone subsidized by the carrier (even then I usually wait about 6 months to a year for the price of the smartphone to go to free, as I can’t afford squat).

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