Moto X+1 confirmed to launch on AT&T September 28th

Right this date down.
According to our Motorola sources which by now you know are ridiculously reliable. AT&T will be launching the Moto X+1 confirmed on September 28th.

In my view this date sucks for Motorola and AT&T if they really wanted the phone to sell. At this time of year you will see Note 4 and iPhone 6 devices flying off the AT&T shelves. More on the note 4 release date on AT&T in a upcoming post.

So there you have it.
Moto X+1 launching September 28th on AT&T.

Stay tuned as we confirm release dates for other carriers.



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15 thoughts on “Moto X+1 confirmed to launch on AT&T September 28th”

  1. Size, specs, etc? Is this worth an upgrade from the G2? I had the X…the G2 did everything better…minus the bloat. With the Nexus X being 5.9″…I don’t see me getting that…unless it’s literally bezeless. I was on the fence about the Note 4, and that’s only 5.7″. Really, all I’m missing is a better UI and AMOLED. And I’m on Sprint. TK…I don’t know how you do it. I’m on an individual employee plan at $40/month. Otherwise, I wouldn’t pay for this horrendous service. 3G inside/outside…then in the same spot 20 min later…LTE. Even in heavy saturated LTE areas, I’m getting HSPA speeds. Yep…AT&T, Samsung Captivate circa 2010.

  2. Wow almost a month after they announce it. I think Moto has really dropped the ball on this release and the moto 360. A lot of the 360s excitement was killed with LG, ASUS and Samsung teasers of a round smart watch. One good thing is this delay in the moto x+1 is just making it easier for me to wait to see some of the droids verizon will release. How about some more info on droid turbo and moto s play? Keep up the great work TK. Those that doubted you are starting to see the light.

    1. Yeah good point. It came like 6 months to a year later in the UK. The fact Motorola have their event in Chicago when half the industry will be in Berlin for Ifa suggests a US and not global launch.

  3. Hope I’m not right, though. Would love to get my hands on a Moto X+1 but would go ahead and pick up an M8 if the UK release isn’t within a reasonable window.

    Curious to see the Note 4 (and its battery life). My Nexus 5 struggles to make it past lunchtime without a charge. Absolutely need to replace it.

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