Moto X+1 could have two variants? 64gb different than 16 and 32 says source

Yesterday we talked about the Moto X+1 and a source from Motorola that was providing information.

Looks like the Moto X+1 16 and 32gb models may not have a micro sd card slot, And look very very similar to the Moto X from last year. The only difference is the bezel around the device and that there is no more plastic lip, While the lip is not significant on the original moto x this image shows NONE.

The 64GB model is also said to be the model with SD Card support, Neither has a removable battery.

The 64GB model also has another difference where the mic is centered on the front of the bottom of the bezel (This is to make room for the SD Card space on the bottom left side.

Stay tuned as we will publish more info on this as it becomes available

Below is an image of the Moto X+1 that was previously released

You can notice some key things here. The placement of the MIC

This lines up with what we were told about the SD CARD slot

Thinner bezels, As the Moto X already had thin bezels this is just an improvement.

TKmoto-x1 cut

moto-x1 cut


Another thought is the Lesser memory model may not be a Moto X+1 but a new Moto G? Ill know more as I see these in person this week

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14 thoughts on “Moto X+1 could have two variants? 64gb different than 16 and 32 says source”

  1. Liking the look of the image of the Moto X+1…looks like a smaller G3 from the bottom. Will like to see more and hope Motorola doesn’t wait till September or at least hope they give us a better sense of the device b4 then…ppl have decisions to make. If the battery isn’t removable, i hope it is 3300+mAh.

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