Moto x+1 leak 2 of 5

We had to take down the other video as it exposed something that could hurt our source.

Weve edited and put up a better look. Showing the size of the phone.


Let us know what you think. And stay tuned for screen shots from the 1080p display and a screen cast with a walk around of the device.


For those who may complain about the plastic on the phone to protect our source. I don’t care. I invite you to go see a flossy carter video on YouTube. And he has the best ending to his videos in the biz. Check it out.


Thanks and stay tuned.

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13 thoughts on “Moto x+1 leak 2 of 5”

  1. Looking good. Thanks!
    …Blue painters tape works wonders! Doesn’t leave any marks when you peel it off either… Just a thought.

  2. Lol really. You must not have listened to the video at all. Again I don’t care……. What you THINK it is. The video last night and this says different.
    So have a good one. Go check that flossy carter channel and check out the ending of a video



  3. Just show the differences already. This could perfectly be a regular Moto X. I hope you’re not really wasting anyone’s time or your blog will lose pretty much any credibility.

    1. Sorry I protect my sources. I make it clear. I don’t bow to anyone. I don’t give a damn what you think about my credibility. Lets make that clear. If you don’t like that don’t read this site or watch my videos.
      My record is clear. Until you drop 25k on a leak fall back.

  4. Don’t you need to say “OK Google Now?” Hope touchless control makes into the Moto X successor. Looking forward to the rest of the videos. Thanks

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