Motorola actions new feature on the Moto X

New feature on the Moto X Motorola actions or moto actions could be Android or moto aware.
Or it could be something else stay tuned we are going to be working on this as we just got a copy of the press release.

Stay tuned for all of our coverage on Motorola products and services.

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14 thoughts on “Motorola actions new feature on the Moto X”

  1. Hi TK. So, can you share the press release? Punit Soni says that the will be some sort of anouncment tonight at 2am east time. I’m pretty excited about the new X/360 combo. In fact I can’t remember being this excited about any other phone. The Moto X has turned me into a tech junky.

  2. TK u should know as well as we all do, u can’t please everyone. I’ve enjoyed all the leaks that u have brought us up to this moment. I think a lot of people got butthurt today cause there was no announcement from Moto. Keep up all the hard work and leaks, especially leaks on the Moto S 🙂 lol

      1. Lol on the HTC front huh, could it possibly be the successor to the HTC One Max, the prime or whatever it’s gonna be called. So ready for this phone to show it’s face to.

  3. Tk bro, u r awesom! Pls dont stop it. At least we know that should we wait or not by u. Nx a lot bro.
    Btw bro, i cant understand the moto company’s thing, when will we know about the official handset? Any time set?

  4. OK. Then if that’s how folks feel when I get a piece of info in the future I’ll just sit on it till I get more. No problem for me.
    Damned if you do, damned it you don’t. If I release info to early and some things wrong I get blasted. If I release a piece of info that is legit and wait to confirm the rest I’m wrong.
    Maybe I’m just wasting my resources here on leaks and I’ll just focus on other things such as reviews etc. No matter what we do here were wrong.

  5. No please keep up the good work you are doing! Can you ignore the haters? I really am excited for what you have to say next. Please don’t let these fools bring you down man. Stay focused on the work. There will always be haters, pretty much no matter what profession you do. I am a critical thinker and I don’t always agree with you but I respect your work. So thank you for that and carry on.

  6. Nobody is trying to be a hater, I appreciate what you do and the leaks you give us TK. However, there’s honestly a difference between announcing you’re going to provide a leak and actually providing a leak with information worthy of a post. Keep up the great work, just maybe keep that in mind.

  7. Motorola Actions was the leak its a feature. It may be what we were calling moto aware. That is the purpose of the post. But…. We did get more info but it needs to be confirmed. I don’t want to say hey the phone can see through walls etc lol and it’s not true you know.

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