New Moto Leak thanks to Moto Tipster


Update videos and images attached

Update 2: Also there is some debate on whether the software is Android L. As stated we haven’t yet had this in hand. It could be a launcher etc.
But even if that’s the case last I checked there are no 5.2 inch Motorola phones or larger with 1080p Amoled displays.
Stay tuned we will clarify this once we get it in hand.


We were sent a video showing a 5inch plus device. Clearly Motorola and clearly bigger than the Nexus 5 it sat next to.
We are waiting on spec confirmations and can also say this is not a X+1, unless this is a different design than the model we saw earlier.
Hardware is enroute for us to take a closer look.
But stay tuned to the YouTube channel as we will upload the video we were sent earlier.
Also pics are available via Instagram @tktechnews.

Could this be the new Droid Line? Or a BIGGER x+1??
I know I can’t wait to find out.

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16 thoughts on “New Moto Leak thanks to Moto Tipster”

  1. how could this be a new Motorola phone the boot screen still says a Google company when there mobility belongs to lenovo……

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