New Motorola Device to come with theme store & customizable softkeys


Update***** Take down order has just been issued for the phone. All that’s left is on instagram. This was too close for Moto and I can say ive NEVER seen a company move this fast to remove a video. Pics and short clips on our instagram. Will keep everyone posted as to whether we will be able re upload.*****

The upcoming moto device we leaked last week will come with a “Lenovo Theme Store” And customizable softkeys as we were able to see in our short hands on time.
The theme store was not functional but strangely you could pull themes from Nova launcher “in some cases” and they would install.
Another new feature in the moto software is customizable softkeys.
This device which we are told is called “Orion will not go into production” It is merely a base test model on which both the new droid and droid maxx (no more ultra name will be built on, All three devices will share the same camera, screen, processor etc, With only battery size separating them and design in the moto x+1.

We also learn the droid and droid maxx make a return to kevlar in their material and our source claims that while NONE of these devices will have a flash, They will have a unique sensor that will allow it to take the best low light photos on any phone. The sensor looks almost like a smaller lens that is black similar to the G3 laser sensor.

Stay tuned as we will be getting hands on time with the 4 inch droid mini this week.

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16 thoughts on “New Motorola Device to come with theme store & customizable softkeys”

  1. I like Motorola, but I’m dying to get my hands on a qHD phone, and with their focus on bang for the buck I think it’ll be a while before we see such a device from them. At this rate it’s looking like the Note 4 might be my best option, even though I’m not big on Touchwiz.

    1. I went hands-on with a G3 today and I’m actually not impressed with the display. It doesn’t look sharper than a 1080p panel, LG’s artificial software sharpening causes visible artifacts, and peak brightness/color shift are worse than last year’s model. OLED displays don’t have a backlight and might avoid such problems, but you’re probably not going to notice an improvement either.

      1. The videos of the S5 LTE-A are what have me interested in a 2k display. The G3 and Find 7 definitely don’t look bad, but they were the first 2k phones so some growing pains were expected. Hopefully the next round like the rumored “Prime” devices and phablets will have improved 2k displays.

    2. Moto would provably be the last to implement a “feature” as useless as qhd. The whole point of the last Motorola generation was to push for efficient performance. Qhd throws that whole concept out the window.

      1. That’s a fair point, if they have a 1080p screen with good color calibration it would probably stand up pretty well against most 2k displays. If Motorola releases a phone with a fairly large display on T-Mobile I may have to consider it. I am a sucker for that near stock experience.

  2. If Motorola can stuff a 5.1 inch display into a Galaxy S4-sized body, I’m totally sold. The X+1 will probably use the same panel as the S5 (economies of scale for Samsung), so the color calibration should be excellent.

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