UPDATE ***New Nexus Device from Motorola to be called the NEXUS X! XT1100 ****UPDATE!!!!


UPDATE!! Below BEST BUY Confirmation & Another device found!!

August 24, 2014 100116 PM CDT



August 24, 2014 52618 PM CDT

According to this latest info

We now know the name of the Next Nexus device

Introducing the Nexus X by Motorola.

Now because its unclear in the Image its either a 6.3 Inch display or a 5.3 Inch display 2K resolution, Snapdragon 805 clocked at 2.7GHZ a 13.1 MP camera with OIS

Model Number XT1100

And we also learn the name of Android New OS

Android Lemon Meringue Pie 5.0

Pricing looks to be about 419.99 Euro

What do you think about this Nexus Device? And do you think its 5.3 or 6.3 inches? There were rumors of a 6.3 inch device awhile back.

Let us know in the comments.



People have stated that this site has published FNAC has published bad postings of devices before…. Just putting this here for full disclosure.



And for those thinking photoshop

Forensics says different



More info has been sent in via a known tipster via best buy and CONFIRMED via our verizon source.

In the images below sent to us by a Source at Best Buy

We can see the unlisted page and listing of the XT1100

And that the device is listed for Sprint

Further Source code from the page was pulled and in the middle you can see it mentioned in the source code again.

While the other images we got earlier today may have been suspect, These are not. This has been verified with a moto source for the model number.  A Sprint source, and now a BestBuy source.

There you have it, Decide for yourself, That is what this site it all about.  We will post more info on this post as it becomes available. Also new moto device just leaked going into next post!!!

August 24, 2014 100116 PM CDT





August 24, 2014 93414 PM CDT

Images Above show a unlisted BestBuy Page

Image below shows the full text from same page

August 24, 2014 91558 PM CDT



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37 thoughts on “UPDATE ***New Nexus Device from Motorola to be called the NEXUS X! XT1100 ****UPDATE!!!!”

  1. It says 5.2 and about the price I think it may be lower, Portugal usually has higher prices for electronics (and everything else).
    I’ve checked in a few sites and the black Nexus 5 in Portugal varies from 318 to 379 euros, while in Amazon Germany it goes for 318 euros.

      1. That’s for photoshop. Someone literally messed with the code of the page. it’s very easy for anyone to do this.

      2. Well I don’t think they messed with the code for the Moto S or the other moto I’m releasing after midnight. These were all there. And the model number etc is confirmed via our moto source. Which has been spot on.
        If a retailer went out of there way to post three moto devices. One not even mentioned in ANY leak anywhere that is pretty impressive

  2. Please come to Sprint. And let the camera be no word then my current G2…

    I’ve always wanted a Nexus, but they’ve always made no sense to purchase. Nexus One; not on Sprint. Nexus S; old hardware and 5mp no flash camera. Passed. Galaxy Nexus…5mp camera and TI processor. Passed. Nexus 5…8mp camera and same on contract price as the G2. Passed. Now, we’re finally here. Crossing my fingers for an AMOLED display…

      1. Sorry mate, could you clarify on exactly what is going on?

        There have been two leaks today, one is a 5.3″ device with the “Nexus X” name and XT1100 model number. Then there is the 5.9″ device, also with the “Nexus X” name and also with the XT1100 model number.

        Are they both the Nexus X device? Are we going to see two different sized Nexus X phones? And are they really going to be Nexus phones? Seeing “Moto Skip” and “Moto Aware” make me think it’s not ‘pure’ Android and that Moto have put some stuff on it.

        Any clarification would be great. Thanks

  3. TK, your posts are sometimes very confusing and tough to read. Please pay closer attention to detail and pincuation, and I’m not just saying that to be ‘nit-picky’…I legitimately have to read stuff 3-5 times to understand it. Other than that, I enjoy what you do. Thanks

  4. I don’t know how reliable this is, but I was at Sprint today and the salesman told me that the Nexus 6 or X will be out around the middle of October. I would take it with a grain of salt, but thought I would share.

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