Nexus device(s) coming October 7, 8, or 9th?

October 7 8 or 9 looks to be the time frame for some type of nexus launch

What are we getting? Well a nexus tablet is a pretty safe bet. But sources state there may be phones as well. Yes I said phones plural.
Sources late last week said even HTC could also be working on a Nexus Phone, that puts the rumors at a HTC, LG, and Motorola nexus launch.

Now the LG could just be a bigger memory Nexus 5. Nothing new there. The Motorola could be the Shamu which we’ve heard about and got some leaked benchmarks on.
And then you have the HTC which is totally out of left field. I want to make this clear that we haven’t been able to confirm the leak aka rumor and have been working very hard to do so. But it’s no secret that HTC put of the first 64 bit android phone earlier this month.

This really has me wondering if the supposed Motorola nexus devices are really just android silver devices and the HTC is the actual nexus.

I say that because we heard rumors and got some solid info on a htc one max successor, at 5.9 inches it would fit that model. Again this is speculation on my part, but it would be quite the okie doke if HTC and Google did just that.

With leaked court documents all but confirming the Nexus 9 from HTC it will be interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks. Will we get an HTC nexus phone? Will google drop multiple nexus devices? That would be awesome we will have to wait and see.

Lastly the last piece of info we were able to obtain talks about the end of GPE (Google play edition) devices. Maybe this is why they have been dropping out of the playstore and Google is making a push to make it all Nexus or Android Silver or both.

Stay tuned as we will update as more info becomes available.
An HTC Nexus phone would be pretty exciting. What do you think?



10 thoughts on “Nexus device(s) coming October 7, 8, or 9th?”

  1. A Nexus with BoomSound? Oh please!

    And: The Nexus 5 is on it’s way out of the Play Store, which might count against the likelihood of LG’s further involvement.

  2. That HTC Nexus doesn’t look so good. And 5.9″, that’s just stupid. LG has made the Nexus 4 and 5 look great. Hope they make the last Nexus device attractively.

  3. Hey TK, how confident are you of the October 7/8/9th reveal? Is that more concrete than the HTC Nexus X? I think Upleaks had also mentioned that the tablet would be released before October 9 as well:

    Is your date from your own source or is it based on this date from other reports?

    I’d lose my shit if HTC made the new Nexus and it looked like that picture. Best phone ever.

      1. Nice. So seems like early October is when we’ll see it. With your source and other reports of that date, seems like it might be it. Hopefully they’ll have the phone reveal along with the tablet.

        Try and dig for some more HTC Nexus phone info if you can. Really appreciate your work TK!

  4. If that happens my wish will be granted and will come full circle from the original Nexus. I commented recently on one of the sites on how awesome it will be to get both a Nexus phone and a Nexus tablet from HTC. They really do need a jump start from all their troubles…would be nice for Google to help facilitate their resurgence. But multiple Nexus phones will send the Nexus/Android community in a frenzy…talk abt excitement. All I am asking is a bigger battery 3000+mAh, a screen to bezel ratio of abt 80%_ 64GB internal storage option and SDCard slot will be an unexpected bonus.

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