Nexus X or Nexus 6? Moto G and HTC Desire GPE

According to sources. Google to this point in time hasn’t obtained Permission or a license to use the Nexus 6 name. And they could negotiate right up till launch. So much so that the retail packaging will have now mention of nexus x or nexus 6 just nexus. This is nothing new we’ve seen this before.
But it looks like Google may have to fall back to the Nexus X name if the nexus 6 licensing cannot go through. Stay tuned as this story is developing. Images are also inbound.

And it looks like more than a nexus phone could be launched by Google, the nexus 9 could also be released as well as two other unnamed handsets, one source says they are low end models and Google play editions of the Moto G 2014 and a HTC Desire with stock android. This would feed the rumors of HTC Nexus Rumors. We will see this coming week.

Stay tuned will update as info is confirmed.

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9 thoughts on “Nexus X or Nexus 6? Moto G and HTC Desire GPE”

    1. It would be even funnier if I was right about HTC NEXUS ONE being the name. Especially with android one coming up and the fact that HTC made the first nexus.

  1. That will be good to have One if the Desire series on the GPe line-up. But after seeing what the Droid Turbo has to offer with that huge 3900mAh battery n 21MP cam..i would rather have a 5.2″- 5.3″screen Nexus with this device as template or have a Droid Turbo GPe. I am all about battery battery battery life…most top phones have decent specs but lacking in battery stamina. A battery of that size coupled with all the battery savings of Android L…most of us heavy users will be pleased

  2. We KNOW Google has been testing the 5.2″ version Nexus 6. It’s based on the Droid Turbo/Moto X Play (but with lesser megapixel camera). We saw benchmarks. They’re being jerks for not releasing it. But I would setting for a GPE version of the Droid Turbo/Moto X Play.

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