Nexus X or Moto X+1? stops by the FCC (UPDATED) – Actually Moto X+1


Being I am not in the best place for checking on TIPS Etc.

Looks like the info sent in from a tipster from the FCC was for the MOTO X+1. NOT THE NEXUS X.

There is no way to know, But thought being this was a thing being in question I would update the post as such.



A unknown Motorola device we are sure is the Nexus X has officiay stopped by at the FCC.
With 5.87 inch display aka 5.9 this most surely is the Nexus X.

What are your thoughts?
You can see the comment thread below and thanks to Nate Case for breaking the FCC story.


Credit Nate Case


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12 thoughts on “Nexus X or Moto X+1? stops by the FCC (UPDATED) – Actually Moto X+1”

  1. Lg g3 146.3 x 74.6 (5.76 x 2.94) 5.5 in screen
    Moto nexus shorter narrower
    Device dimensions:
    Height: 140 mm (5.51″)
    Width: 72.6 mm (2.86″)
    Screen diagonal: 149 mm (5.87″)

    Its either magic or a mistake

    1. Just to add, the device diagonal calculates to 157mm.
      I vaguely remember before the moto x was released , there was a leak of a moto prototype that was all screen. Confidentiality ends on 2/3/15, hope its out sooner than that.

  2. Original poster at S4GRU here. If you go to the FCC website and find the reports for FCC ID IHDT56QA1 (the device in question), then open the FCC SAR Test Report, go to page 47 to find the antenna diagram:

    From there you can see the dimensions being discussed. It shows 140 mm x 72.6 mm and 149 mm diagonally (5.87″), but it’s not 100% clear whether the diagonal dimension is for the display itself or the entire device chassis. They can’t all 3 be chassis dimensions, because sqrt(72.6^2 + 140^2) != 149^2. It would instead indicate a diagonal of 157.7 mm, so it’s reasonable to conclude that the 149 mm dimension is *not* across the entire device.

    Note that for the Moto E FCC filings, the antenna diagram showed 64.8 mm x 124.8 mm, with no diagonal dimension given. The physical device turned out to be 65 x 125 mm, so that suggests that Motorola uses the real chassis dimensions in the FCC test reports, at least for length and width.

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