Nexus X to be totally different from Moto X

Email from the same sources that provided earlier information state speculation that the Nexus X looking like a Moto X is wrong and they state quote “Nexus X is a flater design that more curved than moto x and much larger”

We have asked for more info and maybe a sneak peak at a piece of the hardware. We will update this post as it develops.


15 thoughts on “Nexus X to be totally different from Moto X”

      1. I find it really hard to believe that Google will straight out go for the Phablet. I mean it will make sense if they make two devices…one with a 5.2″ screen and the Phablet with the 5.9″ screen. Well it won’t be long now, we will find out…unless ur sources can confirm some of these Questions. A 5.9″ phone is a huge device…if that will be the only size option, many Nexus fans will look elsewhere.
        My gut feeling is that there will be a 5.2″ screen Nexus and maybe a 5.9″ Nexus Phablet.

  1. I really think the Moto X and Moto S are going to be 2 different things. One being the nexus and the other being an android silver device.

  2. “Nexus X is a flater design that more curved than moto x and much larger”

    That’s not even english, why would you trust that source.

  3. I think the source is Just a distraction to get people excited about Motorola devices. I still believe HTC is making the last nexus and Motorola is making the first Android silver device. Since the so called nexus doesn’t have a 64bit chip in it persuades me even more to believe HTC is building the nexus, regardless of the so called sources.
    were moving to 64bit architecture and HTC was the first to do it world wide.

    1. I kind of agree with u or quietky wish on the remote possibility that HTC might turn out to be the Nexus OEM despite all the rumors pointing to Motorola. At least it will fulfill a desire I have long held since the Nexus one. Would be a double coup for HTC to make the 2014 Nexus phone n Tablet..

  4. Also I’ve noticed something different this year about Google. Every Google play edition device is gone besides the motoG and the HTC ONE. This also could be the reason for the 2 nexus rumor. If there is a nexus device it will have a 64bit processor.

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