OnePlus One explodes in customers pocket and burns him, OUCH

Ok so far we have bad displays (Yellow BAND ISSUE)

We have missing buttons

Missing headphone jacks

A phone that had someone elses sim in it (USED)

And now we have one that literally caught on fire in someones pocket, WOW.

I wont even get into the invite system, The slight of women with a stupid contest etc, Ill leave those be.

But this is really not a good thing for OnePlus and will most likely get them sued as a company.

Now I am not picking on the phone, We have seen samsung and apple phones do the same thing. But this is just another bad thing to hit the company today. OUCH.

Here are the pics below.

oneplus1 OnePlus2 Oneplus3 OnePlus4 OnePlus5 OnePlus6 OnePlus7 OnePlus8 OnePlus9

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2 thoughts on “OnePlus One explodes in customers pocket and burns him, OUCH”

  1. Well you see he/she had the phone upside down in the pocket and it was 3:33pm so its the users fault! Haha

    Im curious to see what they say about that. Probably ban the user from the forums and shut their blinds and put in ear plugs.

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