Short close up video of Moto X+1 display

The new version of the Moto X will come with a 1080p display. (At least this demo has one) and the sharpness does matter.

Stay tuned as I’ll update this post with a screen cast and some screen shots so people can check pixel density.


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5 thoughts on “Short close up video of Moto X+1 display”

  1. Hey genius if you don’t like what we do don’t read the site. And if you don’t like that as Floss says you can eat one.
    Keep trolling I’ve been waiting to use the ban hammer

  2. Hey TK Tech i love that your giving us our first look at motorolas device. Are you able to post a picture of the moto x+1 benchmark. And also do you know what qualcomm chip is in the handset? Thnx for the help

  3. When are new leaks coming out? Will you show the device full front and back? Also, can you compare that in size to a Galaxy S5 or a HTC One M8? Thanks!!!

  4. Personally most interested in Size and Battery Capacity. Size relative to current Moto X would be good for me.

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