UPDATE** Softbank makes ridiculous offer for T-Mobile CEO


WSJ reports Sprint to name Claure as CEO. Claure is the founder of wireless company Brightstar, and joined Sprint’s board back in January.

News broke today via the WSJ that the deal for T-Mobile wouldn’t happen.

We also learn that Dan Hesse time as the captain of the ship over at Sprint is also over as he will be stepping down.

The crazy news of the day is TMobile customers may still end up being mad as hell. As Softbank has reportedly made a ridiculous offer for the maverick T-Mobile CEO.
(There is also a shocking replacement if that would fall through)
Nothing specific was stated from the source who is a well known investor and holder of Sprint.
But the source stated quote “They are definitely willing to overpay, This guy is Jack Welch of our time”

Pretty strong words. Stay tuned as we will update this story the moment we get more info. And more info is coming tonight after a board phone call.



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4 thoughts on “UPDATE** Softbank makes ridiculous offer for T-Mobile CEO”

      1. They might have and Legere declined. He may have been getting a large up front sum, but it would have been sacrificing his long term profitability.

        He’s built up this huge image with T-Mobile, and going to another carrier would totally destroy that, making him unable to make the turnaround for Sprint that he did for T-Mo. This would not only hurt his earning potential at Sprint, but also put a huge black mark on his resume.

        At this point I think John Legere is comfortable enough financially to just play the long game.Glad you made an article about this because I wanted to post this response on Twitter, but it’s a bit longer than 144 characters lol.

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