Sprint announces no bezel Sharp Aquos

The Acquos Crystal’s 5-inch, 720p edge-to-edge display. There is no bezel surrounding the screen, making it the first smartphone that is “edge-to-edge”. It’s remarkable to see. There is an edge here, and it’s beveled and sharp. The Acquos Crystal is a little thicker than most smartphones today, but it has a matte plastic back that’s slightly dimpled. It feels less premium than an HTC One or iPhone 5S, but It doesn’t feels cheap by any means. It’s also much smaller than you expect a 5-inch smartphone to be because of its edge-to-edge display.








At a very low price with decent specs and a unique look this device should sell very well.

Image credit Verge

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One thought on “Sprint announces no bezel Sharp Aquos”

  1. Finally! A smartphone with the smallest bezel possible. But, with that being said, I wonder if cases will have enough room to grip into the miniature bezel. All in all though, I hope they make a 1080p version that comes to Canada.

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