Sprint Bends customers over…. again. Welcome to tiered data plans

Yup. I said it… Somone break out TAPS. Sprint if they go forward with the plans on the west coast they are testing are DEAD, Bankrupt, finished, over, I can go on and on. I really thought this was bullshit when we were tipped on this. But official internal documents show its legit……

So what’s the deal. See the images below for the proposed data plans that Sprint is testing right now in Portland Oregon, Las Vegas, and a few other west coast cities.

If you are a Sprint customer how do you feel about this? Let me know in the comments.
And I give you my full thoughts in the video attached.

But for now I guess we need to buy a plot because sprints about to get buried.


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6 thoughts on “Sprint Bends customers over…. again. Welcome to tiered data plans”

  1. I’m a Sprint customer in Portland, OR. My contract is up this month and I’m on the fence whether I want to re-up with them or not. This news certainly has me thinking otherwise. The Framily plan with unlimited data would coax me into staying. If I’m forced into tiered data, I’ll pay the extra money for the company with the best network, plain and simple.

  2. These are being tested in select markets to see if they are popular with customers. They are also testing several plans with unlimited also available. They wouldn’t be testing more unlimited plans if getting rid of unlimited was definite or imminent.
    Right now for customers it just means more options. And for some people who want these options, these could be a good fit. It also makes comparing to other providers easier. And if you want unlimited, there are several plans to choose from.

  3. Of all things, I don’t see how this is a bad thing. It costs less than the competition. It’s not UNLIMITED DATA, but I’d bet a super majority of smartphone users fall between 500MB and 2GB of used data per month.
    Sprint will sink for two reasons; their network is inferior, even operating at it’s best; and T-Mobile. Additionally, there are two painful points, being an absolute nightmare created by Sprint; tri-band devices getting worse coverage and the word ‘Framily’.

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