Sprint to eliminate Unlimited Data internal doc shows new plans


As the document slated for all retail stores shows. Framily will be phased out and Family Share will be phased in.

Also gone are Unlimited My Way and Unlimited Data as an option.
Our source inside sprint says the unlimited plan “may” be around for the next 30 to 45 days as these new plans go into effect

Stay tuned as Ill write the full story later today.


Image above is from a retailer in Portland Oregon that has been testing the plan.

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27 thoughts on “Sprint to eliminate Unlimited Data internal doc shows new plans”

  1. Glad I went with my gut and chose T-Mobile over Sprint, I just hope the potential buyout doesn’t happen. Then there’d be no postpaid unlimited data options left.

  2. Glad I went with my gut and chose T-Mobile over Sprint. I just hope the potential buyout doesn’t go through, then there’d be no postpaid unlimited plans left.

  3. These are test plans only being offered in limited markets. There is no plan at this time to take this nationwide, nor is there any plan at all to stop offering unlimited. Softbank has committed to continue to offer unlimited for at least several more years.
    Enough with the click-bait.

    1. You must have missed the fine print.
      Go read it. And as stated this comes from a sprint employee. Also if you knew my track record with Sprint you would know ive never been wrong. Click bait that.
      I dont have time for sprint trolls.
      When it happens you will he the first to say “ive been saying that all along” or some other bs

      1. TK, I am afraid you are more wrong on this one. These are test drives for those plans to see what works, and what does not. Also, you are skipping information about a modification of the framily plans which lowers the minimum lines for the $25 per line for voice and text, as well as the individual plans with a lower monthly rate if you bring your own device (meaning a new device paid in full by someone else, or a used device cleared of any contractual obligations and not reported as lost/stolen).
        There have been people reporting the end of unlimited data plans at Sprint for years and NONE have materialized. Have you been able to get someone at the corporate level to confirm the end of unlimited data plans? I bet you have not done so yet.
        How about you get answers from the sources at Sprint (read: Masayoshi Son, Dan Hesse, David Owens) before you do a follow up? That will make you a reporter with integrity to report factual information prior to putting it in writing, and people in the industry will give you more respect. I do give you credit for reviewing devices in an objectionable way, but when it comes to carriers, you really need some major homework to do, as personal agenda against several carriers (mostly on the CDMA side) for x or y reason(s) will eventually backfire at you, and not in the way you would enjoy.

      2. Actually this comes direct from a corporate staff member who is pist about the change if you follow me on twitter you would know ive been in kansas……….

  4. By the way, pointing out capped plans for tethering or miFi devices will not count in favor in regards to the blogs in recent days.

    1. No one said a thing about mifi devices.

      The internal doc shows the ONLY plans soon to be offered period.

      And i know about the modified framily plans they were testing them in new england. And they’ve already been shut down

  5. Mathiuz is the biggest Sprint troll there is. He is a big reason why so many have left Sprint. Check Sprint’s Facebook page to see how he and his Sprint trolls harass Sprint customers.

  6. Robert please refrain from insults. Who the heck are you to talk to me like that?

    Jason and TK, better stop the libel in regards to me ASAP! Unless you can actually prove such claim, I will strongly suggest both of you to stop making VERY FALSE assumptions, and I will not tolerate insults nor profanities.

    1. Waaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaa. Look I dont have time for cry babies. If you put yourself out there as a fan boy. Better be able to handle the response.
      As for libel. I dare you….. Please please lol. I have the BEST attorneys in NYC FEEL FREE. Ill tear your case apart to the threads.

  7. And why should we trust someone who has NEVER been allowed or even invited to the Sprint campus to get an inside look because you lack the PROPER PRESS CREDENTIALS? Name your sources at Sprint, otherwise be aware you may be hit with a cease and desist order from Sprint’s legal team.

    Yes, they are aware of your antics as you are one of these bloggers who have these imaginary sources (aka Adobe Photoshop) who are out there to bash a certain company for eithr not getting the answers you want for not having proper press credentials, or maybe trying to push an agenda against Sprint and CDMA technology by Qualcomm as being the technology being used by about 60% of the cellphone lines in the US market (53 CDMA networks vs about 30 GSM networks in the US including Puerto Rico) because you are not liking the idea of T Mobile being acquired by Sprint’s majority owner Softbank.

    Be honest about your reasons of blogging about this since there is no OFFICIAL source you can quote from Sprint confirming this. Are you part of the Anti-Sprint/Anti CDMA coalition of websites and groupies trying to force the FCC ban CDMA? What is your real agenda here against Sprint?

    As long as you do not reveal the source, this reporting is IRRELEVANT, and you CAN be subject to charges of LIBEL, in terms of litigation. Better ask Daniel Rubino from wpcentral for help after being served with cease and desist orders for the same.things you are doing.

    You don’t have time to deal with people pointing you as an IRRELEVANT source of news? Then, stop with your accusations against anyone defending Sprint/Softbank as people being employed by them, as that constitutes libel in all 50 states. Go ahead, ask your “legal team” about what libel is, and how it can ruin your finances…

    1. Wow the Sprint fanboy can talk big. Why don’t we all just chill and wait a month and see if it comes to pass or not, instead of you being an Internet tough guy. TK has put some good info out before so I’m curious to see how this plays out.

      1. There is a difference between being a fanboy and being an educated customer who uses common sense and facts for a discussion. You can express dissagreement and be civil while at it.

      2. It’s not letting me reply directly to your comment, so not sure if you will see this. I don’t see how I wasn’t civil. If someone is making threats for a multi-billion dollar company that can easily defend itself, it’s not a stretch to assume they’re a fanboy.

    2. Please mr.sprint employee have them do that. Id love to crush them in court.
      As for my source…… Yeah like press just gives up their sources. Dude go fu** yourself.
      Like I said this comes from corporate. And genius if you knew who I was you would know I have plenty of access and go to corporate on a regular. They provided the G3 and the M8 for our network test dumb ass.

      But hey you cant tell some middle management nobody how this works. When you get your pay grade increased come back.

      Till then fall Back.

  8. If this is accurate, Sprint is finished. Who is going to choose them if the unlimited data thing isn’t a differentiator?
    What, someone will pick them for data speed, coverage or reliability? ROFL

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