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Fake vs Real Beats by Dre How to spot them

Its holiday season and many of you are going to buy different electronics for people you care about, In this series this week ill be posting several videos from new members of the staff that will show you how to spot a fake, Whether it be Beats by Dre in this video or a bogus Galaxy Note 4. Hope this helps you avoid the fakes.

Is the bendgate controversy finally over?

Looks like apple will finally have to come clean on bendgate and acknowledge there is an issue in the design of the iPhone 6 plus.

Full disclosure I am currently using the model and haven’t had any issues with bending.

But that said between the two videos by unbox therapy this over the last week and now this video shot in an Apple Store it will be hard for them to deny the issue.

What are your thoughts? Is this blown out of proportion or is this a genuine issue that apple should address?

On another note Samsung seems to be having there own manufacturing issues with the note 4 and a gap in the design. More on that later today.

Here is the new bendgate video below