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Galaxy S6 leak or something else?

A few days ago the image below was leaked by http://www.toptienmobiel.nl/
Thinking this may be the Galaxy S6 or a prototype for the device.
According to sources the device leaked is not of the Galaxy S6 but of another device in the galaxy family.
Could this be another Alpha device? Or a new galaxy line? We will have to wait and see.

One thing I can say I like about this photo is the lack of bezels on the sides of the display, it’s good to see Samsung actually listening to it’s consumers and making changes.


What do you think the device above is?

Galaxy Note 4 Aluminum Bezel shown in latest photos

Update: Its come to our attention courtesy of @evleaks that this is not the Galaxy F as we saw reported in other outlets.
This may in fact be the first leaked images of the Note 4 with bowed out corners.
We’ve left the rest of the lost as it was.

Yesterday we posted a video over on our YouTube Channel that showed and talked about the Galaxy F aluminum bezels.
With lots of talk about Samsung yet again copying Apple, what do you think of this latest leak? Let us know in the comments.

Video and pictures below
Credit Pocketnow.com
Credit @evleaks